And You thought IRC Was boring...

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And You thought IRC Was boring...

Post by Toralynn » Tue Mar 09, 2004 1:40 am

Just a little tidbit that I hope to draw into a mini-comic and Kopopo will render the backgrounds for it... Happened just a little while ago in the good old Mithra Pride chatroom in Mirc. ^^ Enjoy:

* Darklord2f drops to all fours again, eyes her target, and then pounces Kopopo
* Kopopo senses impending danger and whips around to face his adversary.
Kopopo gets on all fours as well and locks eyes.
* Goldy-chan giggles looking at Kopopo. "He's like a little pitbull."
* Darklord2f leaps, aimimg directly for the little "pitbull"
<Toralynn> hmmm Tarutaru vs Mithran.... I think Mithran will win.
<sandras> good thing its not a galk.
* Toralynn cheers
<Goldy-chan> *cough*david vs goliath *cough*
<Toralynn> Yeah.. Kopopo would become Meow Mix.
* Toralynn cheers Darklord on
* Kopopo watches as Darklord gets closer and clsoer, dodging at the last second and leaping into the air
<Goldy-chan> not if you knew this cat as well as i do...
<Darklord2f> What do you think, Gold, that I am going to screw the little taru?
* Kopopo hears this and loses control in the air, falling towards the earth with his feet above him.
* Goldy-chan cringes
* Toralynn jumps up into the air and catches Kopopo in her arms.
* Toralynn slides against the ground, slowing herself with one hand while carrying Kopopo in the other.
* Kopopo is amazed at Toralynn dexterity.
* Toralynn carefully puts Kopopo down after stopping her slide.
* Toralynn notices her hand start to burn..
<Toralynn> Ow ow.. dirt burn.. XD

~ Fin

Hehehehe :D Can't wait to start sketching it. ^^ I just need to gather pictures from Golddess and Darklord, then I'm ready. :)
- [b]Lady Toralynn Dawnstar of Gridania[/b]

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