New Nintendo gaming set!

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New Nintendo gaming set!

Post by Asphe »

Official Nintendo website link.

希望小売価格 18,900円(税込)

i.e. going retail on Nov 29th and for just 18,900 yen... less than HALF the price of even the PS4.
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Re: New Nintendo gaming set!

Post by Shirai »


Nintendo going back to their roots? (Board and cardgames)

Yep, sure looks that way
(And if you think their Mahjong set is pricy, you may want to look at their Shōgi and Go tables.)
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Re: New Nintendo gaming set!

Post by Sugami »

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Re: New Nintendo gaming set!

Post by Alya Mizar (Tsybil) »

Those fat, footed go boards are always expensive.

Solid block of clear grained wood....

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