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LinkShell Application

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I heard about this place from reddit when I was looking for a new linkshell to join: ... sargatanas

Were you at any time a mithrapride member?
I'm new

If so, what was your username?

If you are new, do you know anyone that is a member?

Will you be playing as a Kitty? (Does not disqualify you for membership. So feel free to post your app.)

I've been playing FFXIV for about two years now. I actually can't remember when I first started as I looked at the FFXIV ARR beta, left it aside, and then came back to the game sometime later. I've run most of the content and I currently main RDM. I'm looking for a LinkShell that's social and has people around and running content from time to time :) I'm based in the UK but play on Sarg (long story) so I may not always be on at the best times during the week but I'm usually fine at weekends.

Thanks for considering me!
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