Sugami and the Nokami sisters :)

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Sugami and the Nokami sisters :)

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Not exactly RP but thought of a bit of character development and back story since making sisters for Sugami :)


Sugami, the middle sister, almost always has a serious look on her face. Don’t let that fool you though, she’s very affectionate towards her own kitty-kind and has an affinity for cute things, especially lalafell.
The scar across her right eye was a result of a training accident with her elder sister, Susu. The wound was merely superficial and Sugami still maintains perfect vision. The accident was mainly Sugami’s fault, she walked away from it mostly unfazed, however the same could not be said for her sister. The scar on Sugami’s left cheek was a result of sloppy mining.
Sugami’s considered a jack-of-all-trades, capable of doing many disciplines but excelling in little. Mining is the one thing she has a particular passion for; she is a cat that revels in finding shinies.

The eldest of the Nokami sisters, Susu is the only Seeker of the Sun in the family. Sugami and Suki’s parents adopted Susu after her mother died giving birth to her, it is not known where her biological father is currently.
After Injuring her sister, Sugami, in a training accident Susu felt immensely guilty even though she wasn’t really to blame, afterwards she vowed never to pickup a sword again. Giving up combat Susu turned to her passion of Botany.
Susu is a playful individual and often plays jokes on her little sisters, picking on Suki more often then not. Despite this she has a serious side and though she no longer fights by the blade she still has claws, only a fool would get on the wrong side of them.
Susu’s very aware of her femininity and is not afraid to use her wiles to get what she wants, though this has sometimes gotten her into trouble she’s more than capable of taking care of herself.

Suki is the youngest of the three sisters, still being a teenager she is slightly obsessed with her looks and likes to wear make-up, something that her older sister, Susu, likes to tease her about.
Suki's the most social of the three sisters, she will happily talk to anyone no matter what race they are.
From a young age Suki has had a natural talent for magic, more so than any of her sisters. However she's also a natural klutz and clumsiness and magic don't mix, leading to personal injury and damage to her surroundings so much that she's lost count. She's often seen with a plaster (band-aid for you yanks) on her face and can count herself lucky she has yet to seriously injure herself.

Though all three sisters now reside in separate cities it is not because they don't get along. Sugami chose Ul'dah because she likes the look and layout of the city and the miners' guild is there. Susu chose Gridania because it's surrounded by lush forests that appeal to her passion for botany. Suki didn't exactly chose Limsa Lominsa, she accidentally got on the wrong boat but found the city to be vibrant and the people to be interesting and so decided to stay.

(Sorry I'm not a writer, tried making it sound as interesting as I could but also kept it kinda brief :P)
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