Proud member of the Mini owners' club :D

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Proud member of the Mini owners' club :D

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I bought a 1.4 Mini One recently, I'm really chuffed as I've wanted a Mini for ages and it's a bit of a dream car of mine :D My tail (see what I did thar? :lol:) isn't just a joyful one though, pull up a chair and gather around whilst I tell you of The Tail of Su's New Mini :lol:

I didn't tell you guys this but about a month ago I got in a car accident, which subsequently wrote off my mum's Corsa I was driving. The gist of it was I was driving at night in an area I'm unfamiliar with, completely pitch black and unlit. I see car lights ahead of me so I have to turn off my full beams, I'm coming up to a junction but I don't see the sign, didn't hear my satnav so believe I'm on a main road. Car comes from the right, I think I have right of way when I don't, you can imagine what happens next. Luckily we both walk away unharmed, the girl I hit was very understanding about the incident, at first... over a week later she's claiming for every kind of injury under the sun but I digress, sadly that's the world we live in now.

So I'm now without a means of transport, after looking around I find out that getting a nice Mini isn't as expensive as had previously thought, insurance isn't much more than getting another Corsa either. I find a 1.4 Mini One in British Racing Green (sweet colour) and quite cheap too, we go down and test drive the car then agree to purchase it. Pay £250 deposit by cash because their card machine was "broken", end up taking me to an ATM machine to get money out. Mum comments on this dodgy practice and the next day we run an HPI check on the car, turns out it was in an accident and is a category C write off. I don't know about America but dealers MUST declare this before making a sale, it also meant that the "full service history" was a load of BS too. This is a clear case of Misrepresentation, which is illegal and they can be fined close to £50,000. Parents go down to confront the dealers the following Monday but only the cleaner was in, they manage to talk to them on the phone and they agree to refund the deposit. Over two weeks of phone calls, emails and SMS and finally we get my deposit back, we didn't think they'd ever give it back. Unfortunately for them we've already made a complaint to the Citizen's Advice Bureau who'll pass it on to the Trading Standards Institute so they could still get a bigass fine.

Last week we went to look at another Mini, this place's website said they're open 7 days a week but when we get there the place is closed (on Sunday) and we couldn't even find the Minis that I wanted to look at. Fortunately my gran lives nearby so wasn't a wasted trip.

Last Saturday we visit an MOT place to look at the Mini, the car's perfect, the dealer is very nice, everything checks out. Shortly after getting back home I call the dealer up and tell him I want to buy, we arrange on payment method with no deposit needed, stop by today and pick up my Mini :D Buying car is so stressful, been through so much in less than 2 months but finally have my Mini :D

It has 6 speeds and a frickin' start button! :lol: Pics to come later :D
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Re: Proud member of the Mini owners' club :D

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