I need Drawball help!

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I need Drawball help!

Post by Fiye » Fri May 11, 2007 9:01 pm

Alright. Simple introduction. My outfit/clan/orangization/guild/whatever other f*cking game we've played| has decided to make their logo on www.drawball.com Think of it as some sort of graphitti wall.

Well, in any case this game had proved to be a pain in mine, and a few other's neck. Someone apparently found something wrong with our logo, and decided to expand on it.



Yes... they turned a simple conception mistake into a Phallus. A god damned mother f*cking phallus.

The game is simple though. You just zoom all the way into a single target and do a simple puzzle. After doing that you pretty much unlock your ability to draw, and must wait for ink to automatically fill your bottle at a slow rate.

If anyone could help with cleaning it (With the proper white or black color) I'd be thankful. I'm getting tired of this (This is the FOURTH time the idiot did that.)

Thanks in advance.

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