Interesting Encounters.

How to butcher a language - American Style
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Interesting Encounters.

Post by Eviticus » Wed Mar 16, 2005 10:24 pm

Ever partied in a group that was maybe 5 NA and one JP, and just about no body was interested in attempting to make conversation with that one person? Or maybe something far more mixed? (I was in a Yhotar pt with 2 French, 2 JP, one from Brazil and Me. Somehow, was very fun, effective, and no deaths. ^.^) Play this game long enough, and you will be in strange situations like that. In this thread, post amusing phrases, conversations, or maybe entire stories about encounters you've had about meeting and breeching the language barrier. I'll start with one or two.

lvl 24-ish pt in Lower Delkfutt taking out gigas and such. We had a very good pt set up. Whm, pld, drk, thf(me), and a couple others. Only problem, was our taru whm was a JP player by the name of Reisha. And she didn't know any english besides the common stuff. Yes, no, ok, np, ty. Stuff like that. No one was really interested in letting her know in advance what was going on. I had to constantly remind them to tell plans and such throught he auto-translator so she could comprehend.

Well, by that time I had taken a little bit of Judo and knew a -little- bit of basic vocab. I knew, still do, maybe a handful of phrases from anime. And, of course, the auto-translator. So I took it upon myself to help guide her around. She was very nice and understanding, and was alot more amiable when I tried to lighten the mood.

/s Watashi wa neko-sama. =^.^=
/panic motion
/s Mreow!

Some things transcend words, hehe. ^.^

And I know I've rambled, but just a little more. The other day I was lvling my 9Blm/4Whm in Ghelsba (and reaping in those sweet, sweet stacks of fire crystals) when I spotted a resting taru. I /checked him. His bazaar notice was mostly hiragana, but then he had this.

{Tarutaru} (Musical note here.)
{Tarutaru} {Do you need it?}

So I responded with-

{Tarutaru} {Do you need it?}
{Tarutaru} {I'm interested}
{/hurray} {Windurst}!

He responded with wurai, which is the jp version of lol. ^.^ It's nice to make people laugh, when you can't even form a sentance in their own language...
In the end, I'm just talking out of my ass. So take it all with a grain of salt.
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