Lagwagon's Frontman Returns W/ Second Acoustic Offering

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Lagwagon's Frontman Returns W/ Second Acoustic Offering

Post by Karou Ariyen » Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:03 pm

With the success of Bridge, Joey Cape's first Solo project, and a slew of other minor teamups, like Liverbirds (A Split with Armchair Martian and Drag The River Frontman, Jon Snodgrass) comes A year long release of his second Solo album: Doesn't play well with others. This project started in January of 2010. Each month The Caper released one track for download leading up to the end of december. Each track a piece of a 12 song album that, unlike bridge, was being released by himself and not a record label. Subscribers, like myself, had the chance to pay 30 dollars to recieve the Album on Hard Copy CD, 12" Vinyl, and receive a bonus DVD that includes music videos for each song (Home movies) and a bonus concert.

But besides the music, something ties in with this album, this musical journey that Joey Cape has written. The songs all are accompanied by art, as is the album covers and discs, by his very 'talented' daughter, Violet. Who by the way is the cutest thing on the planet. Lyrically speaking, Joey has explained the songs, how he wrote them, why he wrote them, and the meanings behind it. Like the song "No one's great in my generation." A Song where he describes how people were recognized for their efforts and sacrifices in his grandfather's generation, but ours has become worthy of none of that. This is coming from someone who has clearly made his name in the music industry as and I quote him "A Lifer." A musician whose here because he wants to play. Because he loves the music. Something most musicians forget.

I cannot begin to describe how well written this album is. In fact I encourage you to go to and download the album for yourself (for a few of course, as I will not bootleg this album). It's refreshing to see music that anyone can get into and enjoy. And if you ever see him playing in your town.... Go. It's a fun experience. Seriously.

I'll post my subscription package image later.
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