Autumn 2013 Anime

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Autumn 2013 Anime

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Guess I should talk about this season's anime a little bit, looks to be a pretty good season. Here's what's out:

Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova - One of the most interesting anime this season, it's all CG that can look a little bit awkward at times but on the whole it's very good. Did you ever watch that horrible Battleship movie? Imagine that but only good and you're not far off :P For some unexplained reasons aliens are attacking Earth but only to stop communications between countries, they look like super hi-tech battleships and submarines. One submarine, 401, decided to go rogue and let herself get captured by the humans until a school boy shows up and she says, "you my captain now!" Now it's essentially a human crew in this rogue sub vs the rest of the invaders.

Blaz Blue - Fan of fighting games? Never played the game but I understood it had a pretty interesting story and cast, looks to be a pretty good adaptation.

Galilei Donna - A fun family romp set in the not too distant future following the descendants of Galileo as they try to find Galileo's heritage whilst being chased by an evil organisation and pirates to it first.

Golden Time - One of the best comedies this season complete with nutjob wannabe-gfs, cult tea clubs and amnesia. Plots and feels guaranteed with the funnies.

Gundam Build Fights - Maybe you saw the OAV a bit back, this is in the same vein in that you battle the gunpla but seems to be a different world as the tech is a bit different as are the characters. Follow the adventures of an expert gunpla builder who can't pilot for diddly and his mysterious friend, who does the pilot, as they try to win the championship.

Hajime no Ippo: Rising - I don't usually mention sequels/prequels but this is a pretty legendary boxing anime, I haven't seen the first season but I'm watching this regardless.

Kill la Kill - Think Gurren Lagann only in a weird school setting and a bit perverted. The art style screams out "Gurren Lagann" and they have those kind of fights whilst you see the same of the move get pasted on the screen in big letters. The main character has recently joined this messed up school looking for clues on who killed her father or something, she stumbles across some kind of cursed uniform (it talks) which gives her powers to go toe-to-toe with the student council. The uniform is pretty skimpy and she's well aware of it. Yeah it's a very stupid anime but it's good fun.

Kyoukai no Kanata - Think K-ON! but with demons and blood-sword wielding demon hunters and you've probably got it. This is one I'd say is a must see this season.

Kyousougiga - Believe this started off as a web series, I'm watching it not understanding a thing that's going on :lol:

Meganebu! - Only mentioning as it's pretty unique for a shoujo-anime. It's about the membbers of the Glasses Club and their main goal is to invent x-ray glasses to see through girls' clothes :lol: There's no heroine, no love interest or anything like that, maybe one character is a bit gay but it's just 5 guys being silly really, pretty funny.

NouKome - One of the funniest anime this season, main character is cursed with having two stupid choices forced on him by his psyche of which he has to make a choice or he'll suffer massive headaches. Hilarity ensues :P

Outbreak Company - An otaku gets hired by the Japanese government to spread geek-culture to this new fantasy world they recently came across. Hilarity ensues :P there's also some plots going on too.

Samurai Flamenco - Another one of the funniest anime this season, main character is trying to be a super hero in the real world and fails at it miserably since he has no super powers or special abilities.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll - Another interesting anime, reminds me of FMA before it got stupid only replace alchemy with automatons and you're pretty close. Most automatons are doll-like things but the main character's automaton looks and acts just like a regular girl, only she has a perversion for him.

There's other anime that's worth watching but I don't really think they're special enough to worth mentioning :P
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Re: Autumn 2013 Anime

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