Summer 2013 Anime Lineup

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Re: Summer 2013 Anime Lineup

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Over 1/2 are PPV and many of those have content infrequently. If you have a package like mine close to 50 are radio, not TV.

Then there are all the shopping channels. They pay your TV provider to get included. Television's shovelware.
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Re: Summer 2013 Anime Lineup

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Mystiana wrote:The only thing I use my TV for is sports, games, and netflix/movies. I don't even know why I have over 800 channels, but that was the cheapest package I could get.
Yeah, I have that same luxury problem...
I went to the site of my ISP (I have cable) and saw they had a new high speed and went to call them how much it would cost me to upgrade.
They're like, ok you have: this speed, with telephony, basic digital television and a subscription to HBO for 98 Euros per month.
The new package will give you: more speed, the Royal digital television package with a free DVR and a huge free selection of vod, your subscription to HBO, a free subscription to Film 1, an extra decoder for my bedroom tv and unlimited telephony to landlines and mobile phones within the Netherlands and 0.10 per call in Europe for 85 Euros per month.

Just taking the seperate Internet line would be 53 a month + 15 for standard cable tv (34 channels).

Yeah, my ISP is wacky...

(Derail here too... sorry...)
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Re: Summer 2013 Anime Lineup

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Gatchaman Crowds...
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Re: Summer 2013 Anime Lineup

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Probably the WTF series of the season and one of the most interesting as well. Also has Mamoru voicing the bad guy, yay~!
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Re: Summer 2013 Anime Lineup

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