Good Eats: The Legend Says Goodbye.

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Good Eats: The Legend Says Goodbye.

Post by Karou Ariyen » Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:12 pm

5 More episodes and 2 more 1 hour specials til the famous Good Eats is gone. For those who do not know, Alton Brown debuted his cooking show, Good Eats, in 1999. He uses his knowledge of theater, directing, and writing to do something normal cooking shows do not: Educate. Oh sure you can be shown how to cook the meal, but to truly understand the meal, you must understand the SCIENCE behind it. Wacky, witty and informative, It's been over a decade of laughs. While Alton Brown did say he has a new show in the "Fridge", I want to say thank you, A.B. for all the knowledge and all the laughs. And to your continued projects and endevours, All of us fans are going to enjoy going with you :)
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