News and Updates - June 2005
Monday, 6-13-2005   Posted by: Golddess

Ok, it's a few weeks later than expected, but the results have been tallied ^^;

Midgardsormr, Phoenix, Alexander, Hades, Titan, Cerberus, Pandemonium, Fenrir, Gilgamesh, Valefor, Bahamut, and Quetzalcoatl are all confirmed active {/cheer}!

Ifrit, Fairy, Ragnarok, Leviathan, Unicorn, Asura, Sylph, Odin, Lakshmi, Ramuh, Carbuncle never responded, and have been removed from the list {/sigh}.

Remora, Caitsith, and Seraph I'm not too sure about, and must look into more, but will remain on the active list.

Finally, Diabolos and Siren have been broken, and Kujata seems to have an issue of the shellholder's character got deleted {/cry}


Karou and mozyr, y'all will always be welcome here, and may the Goddess offer a quick recovery to Xjung's character.

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