News and Updates - May 2005
Tuesday, 5-31-2005   Posted by: Golddess

So, my ISP decided I didn't need net last thursday. -.-

But enough of that. Soon, the boards will be going down for an upgrade, as well as having ignore functionality added, so that you don't have to look at the posts of our so-cuddlable-you-just-wanna-squeeze-them-to-death trolls! ^^;

The server house cleaning should come within the next few days, as well as something to make news posting much simpler.

Edit: The boards have been upgraded successfully.

Tuesday, 5-24-2005   Posted by: Golddess

Final exams. Woo~ ¬.¬

Talk later, Thursday (I hope).

Saturday, 5-7-2005   Posted by: Golddess

4 new servers have joined the ranks of MithraPride! {/cheer}

Lakshmi, Ramuh, Carbuncle, plus the return of Kujata!

Finally, we're doing a little bit of house cleaning around the site. Check here for details.

Saturday, 5-7-2005   Posted by: Golddess

Just as a clarification, the Ultimate Kitty Get Together is Sunday, May 8th, not Saturday, May 7th.

Special thanks to Aesha and all the other kitties for coming up with and putting together this great meeting of the kitties =^.^=

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