News and Updates - February 2005
Saturday, 2-5-2005   Posted by: Golddess

Another update, and it hasn't even been a month! I must be getting better.. >.>;;

As you can see, the server list has been reduced to a scrollable list. There are a few cosmetic issues to work out with the gallery in regards to Internet Explorer that we are working on. Also, all the old news has finally been archived. Thank you to everyone who has been sending in your sackholder lists. Hopefully those that I have missed will be added before the weekend is over ^^;

This update also comes with some mixed emotions. First, Bahamut and Sylph have joined the pride! {/cheer}

Second, Quetzalcoatl is no more. {/cry}

You will always be welcome here, and may Altana guide you in all of your journeys.

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