News and Updates - January 2005
Friday, 1-14-2005   Posted by: Golddess

{Um...} yeah.... ¬.¬;

Sorry about the lack of.. well, anything.. over the past few weeks. Siren, Gilgamesh, Seraph, and Valefor have now joined the ranks of MithraPride.

I decided to drop the server sorting in the gallery and instead have the pictures grouped by user. Now, you will have to go into admin mode (their name, not ours, you do not actually have admin access to the gallery :P), create albums, and upload pictures to those albums. You'll be able to have as many albums as you want, though an administrator will still need to log on and approve your pictures before they become visible for everyone.

Finally, Ambrey of Remora has left MithraPride and turned leadership over to Nimonie. May Altana bless you in all of your travels.

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