News and Updates - December 2004
Tuesday, 12-21-2004   Posted by: Golddess

It is with a heavy heart that I must make 2 announcements.

First, the Kujata branch is no more. Huh ended up tossing the pearl after several months of various issues and problems. Second, wildchild of Pandemonium will be leaving MithraPride. Tailfeather is to be recreating the shell there. We'll miss you both, Huh and wildchild. :(

Wednesday, 12-8-2004   Posted by: Golddess

Well, the gallery has finally been updated. Now you'll no longer need to wait for me to get off my lazy butt and upload your pictures, though you'll still have to wait for me to log in and approve the pictures for viewing. ^^;

In other news, Diabolos and Asura have joined the ranks of MithraPride! Hades, looks like you've got your work cutout for ya if ya wish to remain the evil branch of MithraPride. :P

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