News and Updates - November 2004
Sunday, 11-28-2004   Posted by: Golddess

Everyone welcome our newest LS, Unicorn!

Also, some notes about the boards. Shell holders and all sackholders will be given moderation ability over their section of the boards, as well as access to an Admin section that only they can see, so choose your sackholders wisely. :P

Thursday, 11-25-2004   Posted by: Golddess

Happy Turkey Day!

[Roast Yagudo!]

Wednesday, 11-24-2004   Posted by: Golddess

The boards will be going down shortly for an upgrade.

Edit: The boards have been upgraded successfully.

Monday, 11-08-2004   Posted by: Golddess

Ok, 5 new Linkshells have finally been added. Quetzalcoatl, Caitsith, Fairy, Ragnarok, and Leviathan. Welcome, and sorry it took so long. ^^;

In other news, the Vana'diel Clock and Airship Time Table have received a new look. Expect the Carpenter's Landing barge schedule and the Manaclipper schedule to be added... eventually. -.-;

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