News and Updates - October 2004
Thursday, 10-21-2004   Posted by: Golddess

4 new Linkshells have been added! Pandemonium, Ifrit, Fenrir, and long lost Cerberus! Though since the first Cerberus never did get back to us ever, a new shellholder has stepped forward. Welcome everyone. :)

Friday, 10-15-2004   Posted by: Firemyst

Whew... I've been one busy kitty. First and foremost, welcome our new linkshell on Titan. Everyone be sure to give them a warm welcome to the pride.

Second, I've added a "Server Status" button to the front page. When there was emergency maintenance yesterday, I thought it might be nice to be able to have server status icon on our own page, especially when POL sometimes goes down during those bad times. Hopefully it works... Yes, I'm actually hoping that PlayOnline goes down so I can verify it works... Oh well, there's always Monday. ^.~

Friday, 10-08-2004   Posted by: Golddess
Oct. 7, 2004 20:30
Version Update Technical Difficulties (Oct. 7): Follow-up
As many of you are already aware, some users are currently experiencing difficulties with the FINAL FANTASY XI version update. We have determined that the cause was linked to an error on a server from which some users were downloading the version update files.

Those users receive an "FFXI-3331" error and are therefore unable to successfully perform the version update or access FINAL FANTASY XI. Reinstalling FINAL FANTASY XI, Rise of the Zilart, and Chains of Promathia will remedy this issue.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

Oh the suck... ><

Wednesday, 10-06-2004   Posted by: Firemyst

You might notice a slight change to the look of our site. I've been working on a new design for quite some time, and finally feel comfortable enough with it to release it into the wild. Please let me know what you think about it. Other pages will be updated to the new style as time allows. ^.~

In other news, Nubuo has noticed that MithraPride is a recommended community site. On behalf of MithraPride, I'd like to thank Square Enix for this, and commend everyone here on making the pride the best it can be.

Tuesday, 10-05-2004   Posted by: Firemyst

Many of you have heard that Final Fantasy XI is gaining two new servers tomorrow. In furthering MithraPride's expansion onto more servers, I would like to announce that Rinaah will be starting MithraPride on Hades, and Ambrey will be handling Remora. We will be adding new sections on the forums for these worlds before the shift is complete tomorrow. Good luck to you two, and everyone else who is worldshifting. Hope to hear from you soon!

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