News Archive - September 2004
Friday, 09-17-2004   Posted by: Golddess

The MP Vana'diel Clock has been fixed! Granted, this means it can't have kids, but at least it works! ^^;
Anyway, the moon phase titles are now accurate, and a bug made it sometimes skip over completely the displaying of the next new moon has also been corrected.
Seeing as how we've yet to hear back from the Cerberus folks, that section of the boards has been removed.
Finally, everyone please welcome the Alexander branch of MithraPride!

Friday, 09-02-2004   Posted by: Golddess

It would seem as if the MP Vana'diel Clock has some issues with displaying when it is and is not a full/new moon. The percentages are correct though, but it will take some time to verify the exact schedule. Thanks to those who informed us of the issue!
Also, we now have an LS on Kujata!