News and Updates - August 2004

Posted by: Golddess
Tuesday, 08-31-2004

As many of you might have noticed, a couple days ago we were down. This was caused in part because of the change from to Everything should be back up and running smoothly now.
No one has made any suggestions, so I went ahead and changed the MP Airship Time Table again. Hopefully it is less confusing, but chances are it is more confusing than ever.
And last but not least, after nearly a month since I was informed it exists, a new Vana'diel Time site has been added to the links page, a Ballista clock! Big thanks to Trybasher of Ragnarok for the headsup.
Expect the Ballista clock to be copied... er, assimilated... er, for it to be a crucial inspiration in our own Ballista clock ( ^^; ), which should be up before the coming of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. >.>;

Posted by: Golddess
Tuesday, 08-10-2004

Everyone, please welcome our new sisters from Cerberus! (/cheer)
Now if only they would post something... (/stare)
Also, some new pictures have been added to the gallery and an issue with the news archive has been corrected.