News and Updates - April 2004

Posted by: Golddess
Tuesday, 04-27-2004

Well, as you may be able to tell from looking at the new layout of the boards, we are branching out into other servers! Everyone, please welcome our sisters from the Phoenix server! The contacts section has also been updated to reflect this branching out. You can also set in your profile on the boards which server you are on. (thanks Firemyst! *purr*)
Also, changes to the MithraPride Vana'diel Clock to include Bastok to Jeuno flights, as well as estimates on traveling between the major cities. A few more pics have been added to the gallery as well.

Posted by: Golddess
Wednesday, 04-07-2004

The MithraPride Vana'diel Clock has some of those features that were missing in the last update, such as the ability to list certain days and a listing of more than just the next 2 Selbina/Mhaura ship departures.

Posted by: Golddess
Thursday, 04-01-2004

How did everyone like the April Fools joke? I hope none of you were not offended. It's just not comedy unless someone takes offense (j/k! ^^;).