News and Updates - March 2004

Posted by: Golddess
Wednesday, 03-31-2004

Some new links, including another Vana'diel timer, have been added, as well as the MithraPride Vana'diel Clock getting a slight modification. It is still in development, so of course some things will look odd.
There is also a change in an email address in the contact section.
(Golddess needs sleep badly)

Posted by: Golddess
Tuesday, 03-23-2004

It's getting to be that time, the time when the PS2 beta kitties will finally be able to rejoin the ranks of MP. If you are looking at joining us on Midgardsormr, please signup at the world pass distribution page. From that, people who can buy world passes can see how many people need world passes, and it ensures that as few world passes go to waste as possible. You'll need a current MP member to approve your request before it can go through though, but once you've been approved, and once a world pass is available, you'll get an email with the world pass. But remember, world passes expire one week after being bought, so use it quickly.

Posted by: Golddess
Tuesday, 03-16-2004

Well, it's incomplete, but the modified manakun timer, the original of which can be found in the links section, has been uploaded and is accessable from the menubar, or by clicking here.
More updates may or may not happen tomorrow, but they will probably not have anything to do with the timer if they do happen.