A journey awaits!

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A journey awaits!

Post by Fiye » Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:16 am

A day born anew

I don't know why I had decided to make this journey, headed off into a new world... then again, isn't that why I started adventuring in Vana'diel? Exploring new lands, finding new discoveries, and saving the world five times over. That, meeting new friends, and catching up on important tasks and skills. On the other hand, due to issues with importing, I wasn't allowed to bring anything with me except the clothes on my back, and a few spare gil. I don't really understand why they're so uptight about it, but this big hulking Galka didn't look he were messing around. Maybe if I worked up thief a bit more I might have been able to sneak in a dagger or something. But, who am I to argue when I got nothing better than my own two fists... then again, maybe if I had just simply stayed as a MNK I might have been able to do some damage. Of course, he does have more health than me.

I think I made the better decision in acting as a good kitten.

Yet, the journey was long. Unbearably long. Boredom sat in rather often, and sometimes, I would try to reach out and fish something with my tail. Though, the black hairs at the end of it might tell you how much of a bad idea it might be. And even then, this ended up becoming more like the boat ride from Mhaura to Aht Urhgan. A long expanse of ocean, and no scenery of Vana'diel to keep you entertained. It wasn't until I heard the cries of "Land Ho!" from the deck that awoke me. The sun shining radiantly along the desert landscape of this harbor built outside of the mouth of a cavern. Yet, as soon as they docked, I had to find a way to become productive. I wasn't about to start pounding the nearest thing with my fists.

But yet, luck would have it that someone was offering a display of tools for sale. Sadly, the only thing I could possibly afford was a rusted down axe that could barely take down the weakest of trees. But, with my pride swollen, I bought what I could, and took a ride to Ul'dah.

It might take another page to describe this city, but its beautiful, and a stand against the harshness of the desert. Nice and lively, I could find myself staying here, if it weren't for the fact that there was a gobbue on the loose. Being the adventurer that has saved the world a number of times, I set forth to attack it. Yet, my only option was throwing a rock at the beast. Maybe if I hit it in the eye or made it choke on it, I would be proclaimed a hero.

No, instead I had to start fleeing. My gil was spent, and the device on my back wouldn't have survived a single round against the beast. But yet, as luck would have it, a "dashing" rogue cut the beast with a dagger, and instilled enough fear to cause it to run away. Creating a stir when it finally crashed into a wall.

Maybe it had something to do with the vision of the sky falling. I would have sworn it was just the fireworks. Oh well, at least I've been recognized by the adventurer's guild, maybe I could find a moogle that could change my job.

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