Final Fantasy XI: Rams Of Honor and Loyalty

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Final Fantasy XI: Rams Of Honor and Loyalty

Post by Karou Ariyen » Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:36 pm

Prolouge/Preview Notes: Go search for the Hachiryu Hakama Set. That's the armor I have skinned for Karou in this story. She also has a black and red katana attached to her left leg, wears her armor sleeveless, has a quiver of arrows hanging off her back belt, wears a few ear piercings (She has a WOTG style one that is her ticket to the past. All her "friends" in this wear them), fingerless style Kote, and her Sune-Ate are styled like Aht Urghan. She has a few other Piercings in "Certain" areas. That will not be discussed once. Red Eyes, and a longer style F7A Ponytail/bangs for a younger look (This story takes place 5 years after her first adventures began, around age of 13). She has a twin snake Aht Urghan tattoo on her back left shoulder, a line of tattoos of intricate design on her back. She has a scar over her left eye, a testament to the Assist of San d'Oria Mission 10. She keeps a red ribbon tied around her tail. Why? It's my tribute to Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. She also has one that ties her ponytail back. She also has a matching Headband she wears. She has a red Polearm (couse) attached to her back where a sheath has been attached to her back armor, a bow (Yoichi) attached to her quiver, and her G-Katana, Senriyoshu, attached in a matching sheath on her left belt side. This G-Katana represents the Koga-Nyzul Isle final G-Katana form. As for WS, I have her limted to Great Katana only. She has the Dynamis One on her's. I know it's not logical to game rules, but this is my Fan Fiction, I'll bend them however I want.

She stands about 5' 7". Tall for a mithra's standards. Anything else of her's will come into play in the story. She's got a slender build, and b-sized *ahem*. She's not, nor will she ever be Lara Croft. Her sister, Keylala (not the ID I have in game, but again I don't care, it was my original choice and it was taken.) Is aligned to windurst. A Mithra Mercenary Thief/Ranger/Monk. What? A third subjob? Yes. Hush. I keep the halved stat thing in place. Karou is a Samurai/Puppetmaster/Dancer. No I am not using warrior. I don't want to. Any complaints about my fan fiction set up can be directed to the "I don't give a darn" Department :lol:

Background: Karou and Keylala were raised in San d'Oria and eventually left abandoned by a tragedy that will be mentioned later. Keylala is 5 years older then Karou. 23 and 18. For a long time Keylala was the caregiver of Karou, and her only skill, stealing what they had to survive. When convinced Karou could fight for herself and stand on her own and survive on her own, she left for windurst, the life of an adventurer hoping to give them a better life. Karou, having only learned how to survive in the forests of Ronfaure, Became an adventurer herself, in hopes to get stronger and find her sister. Unfortunetly, breaking into the Royal armory was a bad idea, because she wasn't as good a thief. A royal knight who had caught her that night, in an act of pity, spared her life and gave her shelter, teaching her the very basics of the Samurai. Then, after smuggling her a set of bronze armor and a tachi, sent her on her way. She would eventually travel to Norg, where her real training began. Later she would become one of Naja's top mercenary Captain's and began to study the ways of the Puppetmaster. Aurore, her Automaton, is like her, cocky, aggressive, and very straight forward thinking. They both like to speak their minds. Finally there is her Chocobo, a Black birdy, Swift Illusion. She does have her own armor. Anything more on her backstory will come into play during the prologue which will be posted later. Why am I posting this here? Because. I feel here my fan fiction won't be looked down upon.
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