Elemental Maneuvers Indepth.

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Elemental Maneuvers Indepth.

Post by Eviticus » Tue Mar 27, 2007 5:50 pm

I never post on the RP Board. I never even read it. I've rp-ed here and there and bunches of places, online and off, for around a decade now. But for some reason I've just not been interested in reading the character histories around here. I guess profiles just bore me, probably why I never posted the one I made up for Eviticus.

Anyways, despite that, I love thinking things through in character often. I love pulling things apart, seeing why they work, and finding explinations to the things no one ever asked questions about. One of which was why Drg never wear heavy armor. I say it's for mobility, for their jumps and such. If you look carefully at their AF, most of it is not metal, but rather chain and leather. The metal plates are fairly small for heavy armor, and are in places that wouldn't hamper mobility.

Another thing I've thought about is something having to do with my new favorite job, Puppetmaster. How does it work? What exactly does the Animator do? What are Maneuvers and Attachments...how do they work? Why the hell will it Overload? Allow me to slip in character for a moment and muse over these things...

Eviticus perches herself ontop of a wall in the Al Zhabi bastion, watching the guards scurry back and forth. She herd murmurs of Troll scouts operating closer and closer to the city. The guards sent to investigate rumors of a massing invasion army in Halvung were due back any time to confirm or deny if the city would have to brace for yet another seige.

V-1000, Evi's faithful yet somewhat absentminded automaton, paws at the wall trying to get up to her Mistress. "Wall crum~bly" it chirped. She nodded and leaned over to pick him up and set her down on the wall beside her. It plopped down and seemed to watch the people below like she was.

"Yes it is. I'm sure the people in charge of repairing damage from the beastmen are more concerned with more vital areas then this section of wall...Speaking of damage, I need to look at your workings and see if there's any internal damage from that last beetle that tried to maul you."

V turned around dutifully and shut down, a hatch on his back popped open to reveal a network of softly glowing pannels and gear work. Funny that she was trusted with V. She had a fair knowledge of the fine craftsmanship that would go into an Automaton, but everything inside V was far beyond her understanding of how to reproduce.

Reaching inside she pulls out a few of the upper most attachments, until she gets to the Auto-Repair attachment. Making sure it was fully attached, she started to close it up...but stopped herself. "You know...I've no idea what it looks like inside when I execute maneuvers..." Leaving the back pannel open, she takes out her Turbo Animator. Flipping open a little compartment she looks down at the eight tiny colored buttons there.

Pressing the white one, she turns back and looks inside V. The Auto-Repair attachment glows white, and comes to life almost. Moving along various inner tracks and paths it whirs around and almost magically replaces some of the minor damage done to the outside of the frame. Also, the attachment she remembers as the Flashbulb glows white too, a small flashing light signifies it as 'Ready'.

She presses it again and it starts to glow white hot, working faster and at a more feverous pace then before. With a third click she here's something snap, and something distinctly else screech as the attachment inside loses its white glow and stops altogether. The attachment is frozen on a track blocking some of the gears from moving. The Flashbulb too dies out. She tries pressing a few more buttons but nothings able to dislodge the wayward attachment.

After a few moments, a faint glow surges through the attachment and it slowly recedes to its resting place off to the side in the way of nothing.

"So...Maneuvers channel power of a certain elemental frequency into the automaton...but too much over heats it...maybe...?" Through trial and error she'd already realized in the heat of things that three different maneuvers were the best idea, but she'd never known why.

At that moment a voice chimes out from the gate guard to the Thickets. "The Trolls! They are on the move! All forces to muster in the Thickets, intercept them!"

All those who tried to stop them before usually got squished underfoot, she mused. Everyone braces themself to intercept them at the Bastion anyways. Stopping them before they got to Al Zhabi was like holding a Gobbue back from it's meal, not even a Galka would try it. She quickly replaced the attachments she removed earlier and closed V back up, hitting the 'on' button hidden on him.

"Time to go back to the Mog House, buddy. You're not experinced enough to face these foes yet. I'm thinking Soleil will have to help me out on this one."
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