A Mithra Never Forgotten

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A Mithra Never Forgotten

Post by Gabryel » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:07 pm

I love how you guyz get so into your characters with stories, while browsing the RP forums reading most of your very enticing work I remembered I had a partial story for my own character saved on my comp. I'll share this with you and also continue up where I left off. Finally I have a motivation to do so again. ^^

Hope you like it. :)
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Post by Gabryel » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:10 pm

Prolouge: Visions of the Past

It was a breezy day in the land of Windurst, gentle winds wisped through the Federation's grounds, giving a refreshing gust to its people as they carried on with their day. The distant flight from a flock of birds could be seen in the distance, all in formation as they cruised through the air, free from earthy bond. Several children could be seen playing though the streets of what is called Windurst Waters, the northern most placement of the vast Federation. Housing some of the most pretentious building in all of Windurst, such as the mighty Opistery, name given to the great library, or Timber Tavern inn, always abust with patrons from afar and local alike.

Southward across one of Windurst's many waterways however, stands a magic research builing, the Rhinostery. This place out of all of Waters, held much of the bustle of the day. Behind the great building a gathering of many adventurers is being held, all to bear witness to a sacred ceremony, one that binds the lives of two who are entwined with the passion of love in each other's heart. This day holds the betrothel of marraige for two particular adventurers.

Ciphero stands patiently at the altar arch, head held high with a smile as he sees all of his closest friends smiling along with him. His blonde hair waving in the wind as it steadily raced by, also rustling his tunic; satin-white in color with its sleeves going just above his wrists, where gold threaded bands wrap around the entire cuff. Split down the middle in front with silver threading lacing the lining with a metal clasp binding it across his chest encrusted with a brilliant bluish jewel.

The minister of ceremonies also stood next to Ciphero, as best as a Tarutaru can compared to a much taller Hume. Wearing the traditional ministry headpiece and a green gown. She looks up to Ciphero after a long pause has occured, looking concerned she whispers: "Has the miss been delayed young one?"

Ciphero ponders this for a moment and nods to the minister in agreement. "You're right, it has taken an awfully long time for her to get ready. I better have someone go check on her." He quickly motioned towards another Tarutaru in the distance to come over to him.

Kedryn nodded and headed over to Ciphero with a questioned look on his face. His silver streaked hair glistening on this bright day, wearing the traditional attire known for high-ranking black mages, minus the hat, given the occasion. "Whats up Ciph?" he questioned to his good friend.

"I'm worried about her Ked, please go check on her and make sure everything is alright, can you do that for me buddy?"

"Sure thing! But....." Ked paused then quickly continued, "Shouldn't it be up to the bridesmaids to take care of that?" he scratched his head wondering as he asked.

Ciphero gave a light chuckle and patted his friend on the head. "Yes it is, but you know her as well as I...." he grinned slyly "Knowing her she's off in her own little world, just do me this favor and check ok?"

Ked sighed and shruged "Alright, but you own me one." he said sarcastically as he headed off to check on his friends bride-to-be. Ciphero's grin grew wider "Heh, like i dont owe you enough already bud." he mumbled under his breath and continued to wait for the ceremony to begin.


Atop the Rhinostery's roof held the gathering of ladies-in-waiting for the upcoming ceremony, huddled up in a bunch as they converse to each other. Telling stories of past adventures and other such banter as they laughed and cried, remembering the great memories they all shared. The four women, 3 of them being red-headed Mithra, and the fourth a black haired Hume, continued to share thier stories to one another as a fifth woman, wearing what resembled to be a bridal dress, was looking up towards the sky, her gaze not fixed upon any one thing.

This woman was also a Mithra, her red hair put up into a bun, with 2 locks hanging down one nestled onto each cheek. A lavendar flower affixed into her hair on the left side of her head, while the gown she wore encased her body with a pure-white tone. Long white lace gloves on her arms entended up towards her shoulders stopping short just to where the body part started, while equally long lacy boots she wore on her legs and feet, riding past her knees and stopping at her thigh. The body part of the gown frilled at every edge, starting from the shoulders and ending down to her torso, the bottom part of which was pleated around taking extra care on the backside to have room for her tail to move around, while a single purple gem lay under the neckline.

Her staring into nothingness was nothing new to her friends that continued to gossip from afar, leaving her to her own thoughts. She started to drift into a daydream, as her gaze upon the heavens still never wavering.

~~ Slipping from her look into the skies, she starts to see a dark cavernlike structure, spanning as far as her eyes could see, whilst 3 shadowy images appeared as if walking toward her. One of them she swears could be mistaken for herself, although she could not see clearly enough to tell, while another she quickly recognized as Ciphero, dressed in heavy armor with a very long blade at his side. Waiting to see where this image was going she begins to see the 3rd figure, resembling a short mithra girl with white hair, dressed in very adorned white armor, shield in one hand with a long jagged sword at her side as well.

A flash of light blinds her already asuced vision as she now views the horrific site of these 3 people surrounded by giant bug-like creatures, although they stood erect the creature's faces could not be mistaken for any other, as they stood weapons drawn on the 3 desperate figures.

Another blinding flash leaves nothing to be seen but white, she sits in horror, as the sounds of a battle could be heard in the distance. Metal clanging against metal, shreiks of unimaginable volume cried through her head, as the frenzied scream of another pierced her very soul it seemed.

She waits a few minutes to attempt removing her hands from her ears, as she slowly prys them away she catches a vision of one of the creatures standing in an attack ready stance, ready to lunge. Quickly this is shifted to a closer view of the 3 unfortunate fellows, to her horror she recognizes the one she thought of as herself, as it actually was her dressed in the red colored armor of an expericed warrior, laying hunched over the ground in extreme pain. Another scene shift places her to see a sword stabbed through someone's chest, and quickly being pulled out. This was more than she could bear as she closed her eyes to avoid any more visions from clouding her head, when a terrible scream she immeadiatly recognized as her own, shock her very being.

Another vision popped into her head even though she had her eyes closed, that being Ciphero kneeling on the ground, holding the Mithra girl with white hair aloft as he turned his head to her.

"Rhydia!" he spoke as she could actually understand for the 1st time something other than what was being envisioned. "Quick, get outta here, I'll hold them off till help can arrive."

Rhydia opened her mouth to respond out of instinct, but when she did nothing came out, she couldn't speak, she could only hear what what being said. She soon realized that she was placed inside herself from her own vision.

"Go on! Get outta here, hurry before its too late!" Ciphero cried eagerly ushering her to leave. Still stunned by what she was seeing she watched as one of the buglike creatures jumped inbetween her and Ciphero, its glance was clearly towards her. Paralyzed with fear she could only watch as the creature came swinging its mighty blade downward onto her. Closing her eyes and raising one of her arms to block the incoming attack, she tried to let out a scream but again nothing came out. In an instant though her visions became pure white as it all started to fade away....

"Rhydiaaaaaa!!!!......." she heard his scream taper off as if he was being whisked away extremely quickly.

"Rhydia! hey snap outta it."

Rhydia jumped as she was startled back into herself. Quickly realizing she had been daydreaming, she turned to Kedryn, who was left with a disgusted look after desperately attempting to awake her from her thoughts.

"Oh! I'm sorry Ked." She smiled down at the taru she also knew as a great friend. "I lost myself thinking back on....." she paused for a few moments, "you know, what happened back then."

"Again? Geez! You crazy cat, i thought i lost ya for good this time." Ked said as he sighed "Everyone below is waiting, the ceremony is about to begin, shall i escort you down? Seems like the maids over there were having their own ideas." He scowled as he shot an evil glare at the group of bridesmaids, who inturn turned their backs on him and started down the steps towards the ceremony proper.

Rhydia couldnt help but laugh at this, as she started to Ked joined in as well, as they seemed to continue on for minutes. Finally the moment passed and they both came to composure, Rhydia carefully knelt down to Kedryn's level, brushing the bridal gown away from her knees so as not to soil it. Kedryn's head leveled off, but was still looking up at her slightly.

"Thanks for ckecking up on me Ked." she smiled warmly at him "I'll be down in a few moments, just give me a little more time to prepare."

"Well alright..." Ked retorted "But dont go out to Lah-Lah land again, or Ciph'll have my head." he laughed as he sped away, down the stairs to join everyone else.

Rhydia chuckled slightly at Ked's remark and slowly got up onto her feet and once again gazed up into the sky, this time looking as if she was staring straight at someone. She sighed and muttered to herself.

"Onee-san...." pausing briefly she once again started to drift around in her own thoughs "I wouldn't be here without you."

***End of Prolouge***
Rhydia of Caitsith is back! 75WAR, WHM, SMN

"Death is not the end but a gateway to a new beginning."

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Post by Gabryel » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:12 pm

~~As the ceremony below her eagerly awaits to commence, Rhydia continues to stare into the open air as if searching for something. Her mind begins to cloud once again as she drifts beyond herself, recalling the events that lead her to this point in her life.~~

Chapter 1: Omens of fate

20 years ago, outskirts of the Yuhtunga Jungle

The sun starts to rise on the isolated island of Elshimo, its lush foliage glistening with morning dew. Birds of many species erupt into daily song as if on cue. The many creatures of the great jungle arise to begin their hunt of food and frolic. On the westernmost edge of the island the inhabitants of Kazham, the main Mithran settlement on Elshimo, also partakes in morning ritual.

On the southern coast of Yuhtunja Jungle, just beyond its natural borders, near the Hidden Valley waterfall area, lies a small village of Mithra, much smaller than Kazham in size and population. The locals here pilgramiged from the main city to here in favor of the expansion project, which the people put into effect to establish greater control and resouce over the island.

The people of the village awake and start their daily chore; a small band of five Mithran males, or 'manthra' as they have been called by foriegners, exit to begin their daily hunt. Several women as well as men also exit their homes and go out to tend the cropfield just outside of the gates. A group of children burst out of the gates laughing and yelling as they head for their favorite clearing, cheering all the way while leaving an older woman that is following them in the dust. They reach the clearing not far from the settlement and immeadiatly start to coerse the local wildlife, namely mandragoras, into their game of what could be called 'tag'. The mandys, expecting the children at this time as they always have, welcomed the game's commensement with their tell-tale 'uh-oh' sound and start frolicing around trying desperatly not to be tagged.


The wildlife of the jungle has adapted peacefully to the local Mithran tribes over the years, the Mithra having a natural keen sense of nature helping them to symbioticly live with the many creatuers of the habitat. Opposed to them however, live two different tribes of beastmen, even through constant relations between the two parties, no middle ground could be found, and such the Mithra must battle firecly to protect their given homes.

The Sahagins, a gruesome race of aquan-humanoid hydrids, despise the 'air breathers' for their constant intrudment into their cavernic home of the Sea Serpent Grotto, which they settled in after the great seawrym tore through the earth, leaving its twisting cavernlike paths in its wake. The other tribe being the Tonberrys, a petite green skinned humanoid race of extreme intelligence and culture, having an extreme rancor for all other living beings in general, not just the Mithra, leaving them a force to be reckoned with. Their home being deep in the heart of Yhoator Jungle, which is east of the Yuhtunga, making their cursed temple which has been known to be called Uggalepih, and underneath that, lies their stronghold, the Rancor Den, where few have ever traveled to this place and have returned to tell the tale.

The Mithra were always aware of the constant threat these two forces gave, and have given them in the past, and as such were made ready with combat training that every youngling learns even at the early age of six, both male and female alike, to make sure they kept the upper hand to protect their sacred home. They were proud of their vast knowledge of sword and sorcery, also the use of tactics and formation, combined with the Mithra's great natural reflexes and agility, made for a opposition that forced these beastmen to run in fear in many an encounter.


The woman tending after the care of the children slowly makes her way to the playspot, reaching the edge of the clearing she sits down and leans against a nearby tree, diligently watching over the younglings with a smile. The mess of frolicing children and mandy alike continued to rumpus around, playing their favorite game again and again. None of the adults minded of this activity, simply because it kept them busy throughout the day and even heightened their reflexes to a certain degree with each passing day.

A curious opo-opo swinging through the branches high above the clearing stopped almost mid-swing, after hearing a ruckus coming from below. This monkey-like native climbs down the branches in turn slowly to observe the playful activity below. Feeling ever more curious, it attempts to grab ahold of another nearby branch for leverage, but mistakenly grabs a dry twig which quickly breaks as it losses its footing, slamming into the clearing's middle, causing all of the children, mandys, and even the women to jump with a fright. Out of instinct the woman leapt to her feet and clasped the dagger she had stashed under her shawl, scowling at the intruder, waiting to see its response. The children only shrieked with glee at this newfound playmate they considered it to be and continued to play around the disorientated monkey.

The opo-opo reganing its senses quickly takes a look at its surroundings and jumps in surprise at the scene it beholds. Looking all around for a possible venue of escape, its spots the older woman glaring at it, looking as if ready to attack at any moment, but holding back because of the children around it, not wanting to hurt them. Suddenly, one of the young mithra approaches the now terrified opo-opo with a smile, laughing to herself as she runs up to it, arms spread out as if to hug it, but stopping short as the woman screams at her.

"Stop Rhydia! You don't know what it will do." the woman growls as she starts to slowly eek her way into the clearing, dagger behind her back still.

Rhydia stopping short of outright hugging the new addition to her game, shoots a look of surprise at the woman. "But mama..." she pleas to the woman, which apparently is her mother, "he just wats to play with us, don't you little guy?" she giggles switching her focus back onto the monkey. Rhydia turns around facing her back to the opo-opo, using her tail to grasp its tail, bringing it down in a shaking motion.

The monkey shouts with glee seemingly at this gesture and does the same in return, jumping up and down shouting more squeaky outbursts over and over again. Rhydia starts laughing at this and turns back to her mother, who has now paused her approach into the clearing, hand off the dagger she had firmly clasped in her hands. "See?" she exclaims while giving a large warm smile, then continues to play with the others and their new playmate, who seemingly gets the ghist of the game quickly enough. Rhydia's mother smiles back at this scene of naivete over fear, goes back over to her tree and continues to watch over the young ones.


Yhoator Jungle: Coeurl valley

The five Manthra hunters journey into the part of Yhoator they have dubbed as 'coeurl valley', housing the largest number of coeurl in all of both jungles, as they prepare to begin the hunt for that nights supper. Each of them holstering a different weapon, they quickly make tracks to the locations of the ambush points frequently used by them that the coeurl have not adapted to yet. Getting set in three different points around the valley, they begin their preperations of baiting the region for capture. Raska, the leader of the hunters, wielding a large greatsword across his back, goes alone into his spot, as the other two points are taken by his friends, Kriest and Huko taking one, while Ponce and Grolm take the last one. Kriest unsheathes his longsword from its holster, while Huko draws his greatbow onto the bait point. Ponce keeps his battleaxe at the ready while Grolm positions his halberd in jump formation.

Bait is place by all 3 parties in tandem as they wait in anticipation. Using the natural resources around them, they have found that a mixture of berries from the local trees and dried out opo-opo meat lure out the carnivorous coeurl out of hiding quite nicely. The aroma of the berries mixed with the meat while put under a small flame, draws out the coeurl much faster than any other method they have used, in addition to masking their own scents away from the beasts to avoid early detection.

The spot by Kriest and Huko is greeted first by a small pack of two coeurl, who cautiously servey the area before approaching. Sniffing the ground and air around them, their attention is quickly diverted to hunger and they motion towards the bait. Kriest tightens the grip on his sword while Huko takes aim at the nearest one to them, which is facing away as the coeurl circle the bait a few times to be sure it is safe to continue.

Huko turns his head to Kriest and whispers, "Now?" as he draws the bow to its maximum awaiting the sign to fire. "Wait until they go for it" Kriest whispers in reply "we can get them both if they feel settled in and drop their guard." Huko nods in agreement "Okay".

Feeling all is safe the coeurls dash at the bait, Huko seeing this fires away, the arrow whizzing at extreme velocity, strikes its mark as the coeurl drops down whincing in pain. In the same instant Kriest lunges out of the bushes onto the other coeurl, taking a swing at it with his sword. This coeurl noticed the attack coming however and gracefully dodged the blow, leaping backwards as it turned away and fled. The other coeurl collapses from the mortal wound it just took.

"Hah, score one for me this round!" Huko cheers, turning to Kriest with a smug smile "hey Kriest, your not gonna let that cat get the best of ya are you?" he chuckled while mocking his friend, who starts fuming around. "Bah! I tripped on me way out of the lookout." he lies, trying to make up some form of excuse for his lack of capture. "Suuuuure you did..." Huko mocks to Kriest, heading over to his trophy "and i'm sure Relena is to blame for your footing this time?" Kriest angrily makes his way over to Huko and grabs him by the nape of his loinshirt "Your damn right she is, garrr and who are you to speak to me about her, she's my woman!" he bellows only getting more steamed as he goes on.

Huko starts waving his arms around in plea "Whoa whoa big guy, calm down. It was only a joke man, a joke. You must've had a bad argument this morning to get you all hot under the collar like that. Come on man, wanna talk about it?" He smiled to him as Kriest finally cooled down, releasing Huko's shirt and stammers over to the downed coeurl to get it ready to bring back.

"Ahhh...." he paused "maybe later, we'll talk over supper tonight, deal?" Huko follows his friend over to the coeurl helping him transport it to the meeting point for the hunters. "Deal, and i'll hold you too it, don't go trying to weasel out of it again, hahaha!" he laughs while the two head out towards the meeting point.

Ponce and Grolm stand firm in their lookout, their focus at the task at hand, weapons at the ready, waiting patiently for a coeurl or two of their own to claim. After hearing faintly the sounds of their fellow hunters being successful, which they deduced from the laughing about, a lone, sickly looking coeurl approaches their bait point. Barely able to keep itself upright as it stammers over to the potential food it smells, hoping to fill its stomach.

Both Ponce and Grolm stare down the coeurl as it approaches, and notice how rabbled it looked, they lower their weapons together, and begin to head over to the meeting point. Sighing over a lost days catch, they laugh and start telling each other how it would've been a waste to obtain such sickly looking game and better left it to live its life out as long as its was able to, seeing as it wouldnt be long from the look of it.

On the other side of the valley Raska lies in wait at his own bait spot for longer than he's ever waited before. Figuring the coeurls either have gotten used to these spots being trapped, or that the noise from his fellow hunters drove all others away, he takes the flask of water at his side, douces the small fire, and starts to head over to the meeting point he established beforehand.

Sheathing his mighty greatsword across his back, he begins his haul over to the spot to greet his friends to return home, hopefully with a nice day's catch as well. Strolling through the boundieries of the valley, he comes across a clearing which he decides to use as a shortcut though, so as not the leave his friends waiting for long and worry. A giant formation of rocks in the middle of the valley surrounded a giant blue crystal, looking like the giant form of an Ice elemental, but much deeper blue in color, swirling around slowly in place, and hovering just inches above the ground.

Raska slowly and cautiously approached the circle, noticing the native crawlers in the area did not tread inside of it. Inspecting this new phenomenon to him, he notices a small figure lying on the ground near the crystal. He works his way over to the figure and quickly realizes that its is a young Tarutaru boy, wrapped in a heavy shawl-type cloth, his silver hair forming over his head to just above his eyes and ears. Quickly checking to see if they boy is unharmed he finds a heartbeat, assuring Raska the boy is still alive atleast. He tries to jar the boy awake several times, but no attempt made the boy awake from his deep slumber. Feeling pity on the boy being out here all alone he desides to carry him along, and once again heads towards the meeting point.


The sun begins to set over the village as the inhabitants finish up their work for the day. After a long grueling day of watching over the village's children, Rhydia's mother follows closely with the group back to the gates of their home, who are welcomed back by a single woman who remained outside to see them in.

"Welcome home Krystia and little ones, did you have a nice game today?" Relena welcomes as they come through the gates into the settlement just before dusk hits. All of the children being exhausted from a day's play just nodded in agreement to her and proceeded to their respective huts. Rhydia and Krystia, her mother, both greet Relena back as Rhydia excitedly runs up to her.

"Auntie auntie, we made a new friend today!" Rhydia cheeringly exclamied to the surprised Relena.

"Oh my, is that so?" She giggled and looked up to Krystia, giving her a nod in agreement "Aye, a stray and clumsy opo-opo happened to flonder into our young ones playing, and Rhydia here quickly befriended it, haha it startled me to say the least." Krystia laughed while saying this to Relena. Rhydia interjected immediatly afterwards. "Uh-huh uh-huh, the op-o-opp-o really liked me!" she stumbled over trying to pronouce the name, both women giggled mildly at this and then saw each other to their huts, right next to each other.

Rhydia rushed into her hut with a "wheeee" of excitment, while Krystia stopped in the doorway, and turned over to Relena direction. "Hey Relena..." she yelled over. Relena poked her head out of her doorway and replied with a faint "Hmm?"

"Has the gang returned yet?" Refering to 'gang' as the hunters who left early in the day. "No i havent seen them come back yet, hmmm thats odd, they normally are back well before now." Relena added while pondering this thought. Krystia joined her in thought then shoved her thought away "I'm sure they are fine, you know how rambuncious Raska can get, haha he's probably trying to set a new record or something." She assured to Relena, who chuckled in response "Yeah, your right, they'll be fine, you know my Kriest is just as much an overachiever, haha."

"Indeed." Krystia replied still slightly chuckling "Well, we'll see them soon enough, you have a good night sis." she smiled to Relena and followed into her hut. "And to you the same, sister." Relena replied, also following back into her own hut.


Back in Yhoator near the very edge of the boundaries between the two jungles, Kriest, Huko, Ponce, and Grolm all await their leader to return eagerly as they watch the sun set on another beautiful day. Huko starts bragging to the others how he got the only catch of the night it seems, while the rest just ignore him and converse with each other. Ponce gets the materials to start a fire so that Raska has an easier chance of returning to them, and proceeds to light it.

Raska continues to trudge on through the jungle, carrying the boy in his arms as well. He looks up to notice the light of a fire in the direction of the meeting place he designated, and smiled knowing one of his friends lit that for him. As he continues on his thoughts drift towards this mysterious boy. Why was he lying there all alone? What exactly was this crystal thing doing there that hasn't been there before? Why would a Tarutaru child be here on Elshimo in the first place? And how did he get there? All of these questions rattled on in his mind as he unknowingly reached the metting place quicker than he thought.

"Hey there Raska, what took ya so long? Trying to bite off more than you could chew this time?" Kriest boasts as the rest of the men also look up at him, laughing heavily at Kriest's comment. Raska said nothing as his thoughts were still focused on the questions poking at him. Kriest got up from sitting and walks over to Raska, with a grumpy look on his face after noticing him carrying something, thinking it was a catch he already started to consume.

"Yo Raska! I'm talking to you." Kriest continued while bumping into Raska, who finally stopped and gained his composure. "Garrr what is this ya have hmmm? Have ya the gall to start feasting without us now?" Kriest taunts Raska, who in turn removes part of the shawl, revealing the Tarutaru boy's head.

"I have very little need to feast on a boy such as this Kriest, and i would appreciate it if you left your accusations to yourself." Raska demanded. The rest of the men jumped back with surprise at what their leader was holding. "I don't know how long this kid has to live, so i'd prefer to quickly take him home where he can be cared for, any objections??" Raska asked, all of the men shook their heads in tandem. "Good, now carry that coeurl you have there behind and lets make haste." and with that, Raska spedoff towards home, hoping to make it home in time to save this boy.

Raska and his men race towards the village, not encountering any trouble along the way. They see the lights of it in the distance as they quickly close in towards the gates.


Krystia beings to worry about her husband and the others being so late in returning from the hunt. She sits back in her chair made out of the hollowed roots of one of the local trees, and smiles to see her daugther, Rhydia, practice the basics of combat. Krystia started to teach her a whole year earlier than normal because of her ability to quickly adapt to new things, which she witnessed first hand earlier today out in the playground clearing with the opo-opo. She knew Raska wouldn't approve of this action, so she did it in secret, to prepare her for the lengthy training that would ensue the coming year.

Hearing a rumbling outside the gates which grew louder in sound as it approached, like the sound of a stampede, Krystia hurries over to her daughter and brings her to the back of the hut.

"Quickly Rhydia, hide, i sense danger nearing." Rhydia could sense the fear in her mother's voice, as she nodded to and hid among the baskets lining the back of their hut. Krystia darted to the middle of their home and grasped the dagger in her shawl, waiting at the ready for any danger.

The rumbling grew louder and louder until it seemed to be inside the village gates. Rhydia cringed lower behind the baskets in fear as Krystia stood awaiting, her heart racing faster as she felt death itself approaching.

Suddently the ever growing sound stopped in an instant, replaced now by the familiar voices of the village hunters. Rhydia heard her father's voice
clearly and poked her head up, "Daddy?"

Krystia breathed a sigh of relief and turned to Rhydia, nodding in agreement "Yes hun, its your father, all is well, you can come out now." Sheathing her dagger, Krystia heads out to greet the hunters, Rhydia following right behind her.

Raska hurries towards his hut after bidding farewell and congrats to his fellow hunters for as least one catch for the day. The others return to their respective huts as well, receiving welcome from their families. He rushes up the door to his hut when he is stopped at it being opened by Krystia. She gives him an extremly shocked look as he almost trips over her while bursting through the door.

"Wha.....what is going on here Raska?" she pleas to her husband "What is that thing?" she pursues Raska into Rhydia's room as he lays the boy down onto her bed.

"This boy...." Raska pauses catching his breath, coughing as well "I found him in the Jungle, alone."

"What?!" Krystia gasps as she heads over to the boy, recognizing it to be a Tarutaru child. "What was he doing out there, and alone at that?"

"That, i don't know, but what troubles me further....." Raska pauses once again to catch his breath "is that next to this boy stood a crystal the likes i have never seen before."

"Daddy?" Rhydia entered the room and headed over to her father, looking at the boy laying on her bed "is that a new friend of yours?"

Raska sighes and turns to his daughter, looking at her straight in the eyes "Rhydia my dear, this boy is just lost, and i found him. When he awakes we can help him return home....." he stands up and looks at the boy again, doubt written all over his face "wherever that is."


End of Chapter 1
Rhydia of Caitsith is back! 75WAR, WHM, SMN

"Death is not the end but a gateway to a new beginning."

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Later that night:
Sacrificial Chamber, deep within the Tonberry stronghold of the Rancor Den

The self appointed throne room for the leaders of all the Tonberry tribe, stood dimly lit at its entrance, which soon opened up into a circular chamber that flouroushed with hanging lanterns, adorned all in gold and other rich alloys. Sitting at the far side of this chamber were three thrones, made of velvet and lavishly adorned with gold as well. On each throne sat a Tonberry, decorated as such to stand out far beyond the rest, signifiying their status amongst them.

Sitting in the middle is Grav'iton, the highest leader of all, wearing a regal crown on its head, also being the tallest of all Tonberry. His power coming from his masterful use the Tonberry's traditional weapon, the chef's knife. To his left sits Molyb'iton, wearing a shaman's type cloak, hood down. His power being attributed to the mastery of the magical dark arts, black magic. And finally to Grav'iton's right sits Tungs'iton, wearing the traditional garb seen on summoners. His power drawing off his command of the astral and aether planes, calling spirits to his side, this being the most forbidden form of ancient magic, summoning.

Across from the Tonberrys, a small band of three Goblins stands waiting. The one in the middle donning a set of heavy plate armor, while the two on its side wear masks as the ones most commonly seen by others, used to filter out the air they breathe for when mining. Much commotion is heard between the two parties, the goblins proposing to strike a deal with their equally isolated beastmen brothers.

"And why should we trust you?!" scowls a very high-pitched voice, clearly coming from an enraged Grav'iton, rising from his throne in an instant, the other two shooting looks of distrust towards the Goblin party.

The armored Goblin jumps back a step in surprise, but quickly gains his composure. "Because my leige, we have graced your island with a portal, that can be used to expand your territory, which those accursed Mithra have stolen from you." he replies with a sly grin behind his helmet.

"A portal you say? What do you mean by this?" the Tonberry king responds, a puzzled look across his face.

"Our top gobbie scholars have been studying for years the strange crystals that have been placed in the 3 crags across the mainland. These crystals are used through a very ancient form of magic, to be able to teleport groups of people to them, instantly. We have finally been successful in duplicating these 'telepoints' along with the proper incantations to use them. With this at your disposal, our race can provide you unlimited aid in your fight to take back the island that has been wraught from your hands." the goblin assures him confidently.

The Tonberrys look puzzled at this declaration, and begin to discuss amongst themselves. All the goblins could hear is a faint high pitch squeaking that never made sense to them. Moments later the Tonberrys stopped, all of them turning back towards the goblins, Grav'iton stands up and proceeds towards the goblin party.

"We have decided to accept your offer, our alliance brings bigger gains that we have only dreamed of up until now." Grav'iton entands his stubby green hand outwards towards the armored Goblin.

"Offer accepted."

They both shake hands, afterwards Grav'iton turned around and heads back towards his throne. The armored Goblin signals the others to start heading out of the chamber, which they do, and he follows. Stopping halfway out, he turns around. "Plan to strike after 30 moons, we will meet once again before the plan is to be carried out, farewell." bowing as saying that he turns around and exits the chamber.

Grav'iton leans back in his throne relaxed, an evil grin slides across his pale green face, accentuating his small yellow beady looking eyes. "The time has come, our island will once again belong to us, and those wretched Mithra will pay for their forcement of exile onto us; yesssss....they will pay dearly indeed." all that can be heard throughout the Rancor Den is an ominous laughter that could shake one's soul into disarray, slow getting louder as every Tonberry that heard followed suit.

Chapter 2: Speculations Mounting


Outskirts of Yuhtunga Jungle, village of Phea

The sun rises once again starting the day for Elshimo island, the sun beaming its brilliant light into the hut of Raska, who sits in his chair, rocking back and forth pondering, from the look of his clothes he has spent the night this way. His mind spent racing attempting to come up with the answers he so desperatly seeks. As the sunlight hits his eyes, he lifts one arm to shield them from the strain, sighing to himself as he reailzes he spent all night awake to come up with nothing he could call as an answer. He softly leans back in his chair, his eyelids fell heavy on his eyes as he gives way to them, falling into a fast sleep.

Krystia awakes from her slumber, looking to her left quickly noticing Raksa was not beside her.

She gets up and dresses herself, after which she exits her room and heads over to see Raska asleep in the chair. A warm smile crosses her face as she grabs a nearby cotton made blanket, and covers up her husband with it, tucking it in to make sure he's completely covered.

Krystia then heads over to Rhydia's room, slowly opening the door and peeking in. Almost as if she's seen a ghost she leaps back out of the doorway, as shock sends the door to creek open slowly she once again sees the small Tarutaru boy sitting up, awake, a look of wonder and bewilderment all over his face. Rhydia sleeps silently next to the boy, her tail swishing back and forth, sliding up against the boy at times. The Tarutaru boy looks up to see an extremely shocked Krystia, almost staggering her way towards the doorway.

Krystia opens her mouth to speak when she is interuppted by the boy's young, high tone voice. "Are you the friend my father told me about?"

"Your father?" Krystia responds with a puzzled tone. "No, i'm afraid not little one, my husband found you out in the wild alone, i'm sorry but i do not know you father."

"Oh." the boy says saddened. "You look like the one my father described to me before he went away." he bows his head disappointed.

"Went away? What do you mean, did something happen to your father....um...." Krystia paused, then cleared her throat. "I'm sorry, i dont know what to call you, do you have a name little one?

"Kedryn is my name, miss cat lady."

Krystia couldn't help but start laughing at his response. "Hahaha well, Kedryn, my name is Krystia, and i am a Mithra, as we all are here in this village."

"Mith-ra?" Kedryn scratches his head in wonder.

"Yes yes, haha that is the name of my race, like my daughter who is sleeping next to you." with this Kedryn turns his head to see Rhydia, sleeping soundly through all of this conversation, her tail still swishing back and forth. Kedryn looks curiously at her tail, and seemingly without reason, reached out and grabbed it.

"Uh...no, Kedryn, don't do...." Krystia pleas with one of her arms stretched out but all too late. Rhydia almost instantly jumps from her sleeping spot onto the floor with a crash, her tail slipping from Kedryn's grip. Kedryn snapping back into composure, just realizing what he did, cringes as Rhydia hit the floor, showing the expression of 'oops' clearly written all over his face.

"Oooowwwww.....!" Rhydia bellows, after being so rudely awaked, standing up rubbing the side of her head that slammed against the floor. "Hey! what's the big ide......!!!" she stops dead mid sentence, seeing the boy awake right in front of her. Her eyes widened and a huge smile spread across her face. "Your awake!" she cries loudly, causing Kedryn to stumble from his spot backwards onto the floor, hitting it just the same as Rhydia did, both Krystia and Rhydia cringing from the effect.

Krystia looks over towards Raska to see if he has been jarred awake from all of the commotion, but he still sleeps there, snoring away. She chuckles to herself mildly and turns back to the children, as Kedryn picks himself up of the floor the same way Rhydia did, except he was rubbing the top of his head.

"Oops." Rhydia lets slip past her lips. Krystia addresses her daughter before she knew Rhydia's natural curiosity would kick in. "Rhydia, this is Kedryn, and Kedryn, this is my daughter, Rhydia."

Kedryn gets up as the wrapping he was sleeping in slips off of him, revealing the standard attire for Tarutaru, a comfortable green shirt with matching pants and what look like red socks covering his feet. He bows to Rhydia in respect. "Nice to meet you." he said with a warm smile. Rhydia heads over to Kedryn, standing just about half a foot taller than him, looks down, and lunges forward to give Kedryn a huge hug. "Hello Keddy!" she shrieks with glee, squeezing him tighter.

Kedryn's face turns beet red and starts to struggle to try to break loose of Rhydia's bear hug.

"Hi....ugh....can't....breathe!" just after blurting that Rhydia lets go of the now flushed Tarutaru boy, giggling to herself. Kedryn spends about a minute to catch his breath as Krystia follows Rhydia out out of the room as she screams by, heading over to Raska. Rhydia looks strangely at her father lying asleep in the chair and shoots Krystia a look of confusion. Krystia just chuckles slightly and pats her daughter on the head, telling her to leave Raska alone, as he hasn't been asleep for long.

Not soon after a rapping is heard on their door, which Krystia hurries over to answer. She slowly opens the hut door revealing Kriest standing there, seemingly ready to begin the day's hunt.

"Hey there Krys, have ya seen Raska, were all ready and rarin' to go." he greets with a smile and a bow.

Krystia opens the door further, letting Kriest see that Raska's fast asleep in the chair, still snoring. "Aye i've seen him, go on without him today Kriest, you lead the men today, Raska and i are needed to investigate a matter that came up."

Kriest's eyes widened with a surprised look. "Oh, you mean about the little one eh? I see, very well then, we'll set off." Kriest turns around and begins to walk towards the rest of the gang, taking a few steps he looks back. "Good luck to you two, we dunno what's goin on, but we'll be sure you can handle it, dont worry 'bout the hunt, we're plenlty good enough to handle, haha!" he exclaims with a boisterous laugh and joins the gang in exiting the village gates, into Yhoator once again.

Before Krystia was able to close her door, Relena hurrily rushes over. "Wait sis, if your leaving, who's going to watch the younglings?" she asked, a worried tone in her voice.

"I leave it to you sister." Krystia turns to face Rhydia and Kedryn "Rhydia, Auntie is going to watch you today, why don't you take our guest with you, and show him how you have fun throughout the day, is that alright with you Kedryn?"

Kedryn nods. "Sure, miss Krystia." as both Rhydia followed by Kedryn exit the hut to join the other children.

Relena gasps in shock seeing the boy up and about. "He's awake? Thats wonderful!" she kneels down to Kedryn's level, although he was still looking up at her regardless. She pats him on the head lightly. "Don't worry, we'll take good care of you.....ummm." she stops suddenly.

"Kedryn, his name is Kedryn" Krystia interjects, answering Relena's question before she could even ask. Kedryn nods "Yes, and your name is lady?"

"Ah, well then, Kedryn, my name is Relena, come on, we'll show you how fun the wildlife can be."

Relena gets up and ushers Kedryn over to the others, who greet him warmly like one of their own.

This spectacle made both women smile, seeing how well all of the younglins accepted Kedryn so quickly. The group quickly starts to exit from the village gates, Relena in tow. Krystia steps out of her hut and runs to the edge of the gates.

"Don't fall behind, they are fast when it comes to heading to the clearing!" she shouts to Relena, who nods in response, quickening her pace to keep up to the children. They all soon fell out of sight, while Krystia heads back into her hut and closes the door.


Several hours later, high noontime

~~Raska awakes from his slumber, seeing that he's inside the jungle, onlooking Kazham. Puzzled as to how he wound up here he rises to his feet and starts heading toawrds the city, only to stop dead mid stroll. His look shifts from one of confusion, to one of horror, as he sees the city up in ablaze! Without any hesitation, he rushes as fast as he can into the gates, blasting though them, only to see the site of many Mithra lying on the ground, lifeless, the buildings around them all up in flames.

Desperately looking througout the city for any signs of life, he turns a corner through one of the alleys to see a small group of beastmen cornering a tall white haired mithra woman, with a large green bow ready to fire into the horde. Unsheathing his greatsword, he lunges onto the horde with a fury, and rips the band of beastmen apart in an instant. The woman lowers her bow with a shocked look on her face, dropping to her knees. Raska sheathes his greatsword and hurries over to her, helping her to her feet.

"Semih, Semih! are you alright!, what happened here?" as he ushers her past the scene of four dead sahagins and tonberrys with haste.

"Raska, oh thank Altana you were spared, the beastmen ambushed us without any warning, our forces fell swiftly under their combined might, i had feared none were left alive." Semih replied, huffing for breath as the two quickly made a turn around another corner to hide in.

Raska placed Semih down softly, but after removing his hand, he saw blood all over it. Another look of dread strewn across his face as he looked to see Semih slashed on her left side, the bleeding not stopping. "You've been wounded, hold on i'll fix you right up." he assures her as he took part of his attire and ripped it off to place on the wound, placing heavy pressure on it Semih cried out in agonous pain.

Semih looks up to Raska with a mixture of concern and extreme pain, clutching onto her side now, keeping the pressure on to forgo any more bleeding. "It's......not as bad as it looks, really." she lied, trying to ease some tension off the situation.

"Easy now chieftaness, rest here, i'll go look for any other survivors." he says calmy to Semih, as he begins to turn away to head off, Semih uses all of her stregnth to grab his arm.

"Wait Raska...." she yelps, grasping onto Raska arm as tight as she possibly could. "i must tell you something, before i go...." she tapers off, letting go of his arm and it slumps down to her body.

Raska kneels before her, clutching onto her shoulders. "No Semih, don't you go dying on me, we need you, all of us, you're our leader, and despite our differences in the past, i've always looked up to you. You can't quit now." he pleas to her, tears beginning to well up in his eyes.

Semih summons all of her remaining vigor to let out a large, warm smile to Raska. "I'm sorry...." was all she could whisper, as she fell unto herself, becoming one with the rest of her kin.

Raska embraces Semih tightly, tears streaming down his face, after which he placed her down on her back, folding her hands across her chest. He then got back to his feet, turned around unsheating once again his mighty blade in a snap motion. Letting out a thunderous warcry that echoed throughout the whole village he sprinted into the most open part of the city. Stopping dead as he beheld the sight of an entire army of sahagins on the left, while tonberrys on the right. Glaring in both directions with an unwavering malice, he grips his sword tighter, growling loudly that could be heard by all around, as he gets into an attack ready stance.

In the middle of both forces, a small armored Goblin is seen approaching, stopping in the direct middle of the two. Cackling evily as it crosses its arms, after which it tilts his head back. "Kill him!"~~


Raska awakes in his chair with that cry, scaring the heck out of Krystia, who was napping next to him, in her own chair, who also awoke with a fright. Feeling cold sweat all over his body he realizes it was all a dream, but why, he wondered to himself, as he slowly started to gain his composure, huffing like he was completely out of breath.

Krystia bolts out of her chair over to Raska, seeing how he was covered in sweat. "What sort of nightmare have you beheld hun?" she questions with extreme worry, kneeling before him, attemping to dry him up some.

He smiles to Krystia as he rises from the chair. "Fear not my dear, it was nothing more than an old dream from long ago, probably haunting me because i pushed myself too hard last night, haha." he laughed, trying to get Krystia's mind off the subject.

Krystia giggles at this and continues to dry him off. "Ok my love, if you say so, i won't pry." she cheeringly replys as she finishes drying him off, standing up and giving him a sweet kiss. "Now go wash up, we need to go investigate that crystal you found yesterday, i believe i may have a clue as to what it is, but i must see it first."

"Haha alright, you were always curious about new things, but you have a point, that thing didn't seem natural, almost like it was placed there on purpose. But enough about speculations, we'll head out after i return from the stream, be back soon dear." he says as he heads out of the village towards a nearby secluded stream they used for bathing.


Two hours later, Yhoator Jungle, circle of the crystal

Raska and Krystia head into the circle of stones that housed the giant crystal where he found Kedryn laying before. Raska thinking too himself fiercely, trying to come up with answers to the questions that have arisen, along with the dream he had before, only leaves him with more too think about. As they enter the formation, Krystia falls backwards onto her behind, a look of terror on her face, realizing her suspicions were correct.

"A Telepoint crystal!? by Altana, what is going on here, there has never been one on our island before.

"Telepoint?" Raska interjects "you mean the crystals you use to transport large groups of people, which only those who know the ancient white magic incantations too can use?"

Krystia sits silently, noding to Raska, as he begins to share the same look of terror upon his face. "This doesn't bode well, whoever, or whatever, that has constructed this here without us knowing must be leading its followers onto our lands. Quickly Krystia, we must head to Kazham and consult Semih at once!"

"Krystia rises to her feet and follows after Raska. "Why is this happening Raska? who would want to intrude into our peaceful land?"

"Oh i have a good idea of that....." he mumbles to himself, thinking of the dream he just had that morning, as they both streaked back towards the village.

End of Chapter 2
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Yuhtunga Jungle, children's playground clearing

Relena sits while earnestly watching the little ones frolic around like they do everyday, paying special attention to Kedryn. She didn't want anything happening to the village's new temporary addition, after what could of already happened to the poor Tarutaru. Kedryn was running around laughing with the others, both Mithra and mandy alike, although he was shocked at first sight of the manyds, being as tall as he was. He was used to the small mandys that lurked around his home of Windurst, after thinking of that, he paused from playing with the group and headed over to Relena to take a seat next to her, sighing.

"Hmmm? whats the matter Kedryn?" Relena asked with concern.

"I was thinking of home, don't get me wrong i thank you all for welcoming me, but i'm worried about my family."

"They are probably worried about you as well, but that's odd, you say that like something happened to them, did anything happen before you wound up here?" Relena places her hand on her chin in wonder.

Kedryn thinks hard about the question she just asked, and then nods in response. "They disappeared right before my eyes, next thing i know i was looking up at a huge blue crystal, after that, all i can remember is waking up in Rhydia's room."

Relena takes a moment to let sink in what she was just told. After thinking about it for a minute, she popped up her head in surprise. "What a second.....you mean you were teleported??" a look of confusion wraps around her face, "But how can that be possible, there isnt a telepoint crystal on this island."

Rhydia looks over to Relena and Kedryn talking, and decides to forgo playing to head over to them, her curiosity getting the better of her. "Whatcha guys talking about hmmmm?"

Relena and Kedryn turned to her, surprised to see her standing there they stop conversing. "Uhh...nothing interesting, i was telling Relena how little i felt next to these mandys, haha" Kedryn quickly replied with a fake laugh at the end, hoping she wouldn't press the issue.

Relena quickly changed the subject. "Kedryn, you seem more mature then the rest of the children here, how old are you if you don't mind me asking?"


"Oh, has your father started to teach you about adventuring?"

"Yeah, but only a little bit, i've been taught the basics of being a black mage."

"Is that so?!" Relena's face was beeming with delight. "I too am a practitioner of the black arts, perhaps I can tutor you some during your stay with us."

"Really, that would be great!" Kedryn's face lit up from the sadness that engulfed it earlier, giving a warm smile to Relena, who gave the same in return.

Rhydia gave Kedryn a pat on the head. "Your lucky Keddy, auntie is a powerful black mage."

"Ah, don't go overexaggerating me hun, I'm not that great." Relena replied, blushing mildly.

"I'm sure your a wonderful mage miss Relena, I hope I can learn alot from you." Kedryn assured her, his smile growing larger.

"Oh you two....hehehe..." her face becoming more flushed to the point where she turned away from facing them, letting out a slight giggle afterwards that soon turned into a laugh. Rhydia and Kedryn both laughed along with her, although they didn't know why.

Unbeknownst to them, across the clearing hiding in the bushes, a pair of dark yellow eyes stare at the group. A sinister laughter mildly coming from its direction.

Chapter 3: City Under Siege!

A small, fully armored goblin sits perched in the nearby bushes, surveying the clearing. As it watches the children play and the other three laughing in the distance, it was stunned upon the site of Kedryn. Fastening a grip on its longsword, the goblin took a pose to strike.

"So the kid is alive, that explains his body missing without a trace." the goblin murmured to itself. "I'll finish the job i started then!"

Relena, Rhydia, and Kedryn finally stopped laughing after awhile, letting the moment pass. Getting their composure back Relena notices the mandys in the clearing suddenly stopped running around, they all tensed up with a feeling of fear washing over their bodies. Out of instinct the group fled the playground leaving the children to wonder whats going on. Relena quickly stands up and positions herself in front of Kedryn and Rhydia, who both look up to her questionedly.

"Stay behind me you two, there is a foreboding presense nearby."Not knowing what she meant by that, but feeling the concern in her voice, Kedryn and Rhydia nodded and took refuse behind Relena.

"Everyone! come to me and hide, quickly!" she shouts to the other children. Stunned at this command they look at her puzzled but soon started to run towards her.

At that very moment, the goblin burst through the foliage it hid behind, hoping to makes its strike before the prey fled. Relena and the children look in horror at the charging goblin, Relena looking especially shocked at this visage of a beastmen long thought banished from their island.

"A.....a....a.....goblin!?" Relena shrieked "b.b..b...but how?"

Without any more hesitation the goblin lunged at the group, its eyes darkening even further with malice. Kedryn stumbled backwards onto his rear, seemingly recognizing the attacker. Rhydia quickly charged in front of Kedryn, as to guard him from harm. Relena quickly murmured a spell incantation, as 2 yellow rings of light entrapped the goblin, stunning him in place. The goblin turned its focus from Kedryn to Relena now, breaking through the energy rings binding it, ran at her swinging its sword down.


The sound of clashing metal rang through Relena's ears, as she opens her eyes to see Raska right in front of her, keeping the goblin's sword at bay with his mighty greatsword.

"Sister are you alright?!" Krystia yells as she runs to her sister's side, quickly taking a hold in front of the group to cast a protective spell.

"Sis? Raska?" Relena stumbles on her words, still stunned at what is going on.

Raska clenches his teeth and growls at the goblin, while the goblin shares an equally loud growl of its own, both warriors stand blade to blade, pushing on one another to take hold of the contest. Kedryn jumps up onto his feet, and with a quick resolve rushes over to Relena's side.

"Miss Relena...." Kedryn sternly addresses her, tugging on her shawl. "we have to help him." Relena snaps into attention, finally grasping what is happening in front of her, nodding to Kedryn they both start to cast the same spell.

Raska's ears easily hear the two behind him chanting and breaks his hold from the clashing weapons, lunging out in the nick of time as Relena and Kedryn finish casting. He leaps to the side gracefully, leaving the goblin to stumble forward from the effort it was forcing. A blast of wind shot out from the pair's hands, combining into one great stream, slamming into the goblin, hurdling it back towards the bushes. The goblin slams onto the ground with a crash of its heavy armor.

"Gaaaaahhhh!!" the goblin screamed "I see reinforcments arrived to save you little boy, no matter!" The goblin reached behind into the pack on its back as it rose to its feet, showing a bomb in its hands. "Die like you were supposed to the first time!" it begins to charge at the group after lighting the fuse on its bomb, seemingly ready to blow itself up if need be.

"I don't think so heathen!" Raska bellows. He grips his greatsword in both hands, lifting it just above his eyeline, pointing it at the goblin. A black energy wells at the tip of his sword, as he charges foward with great speed. "Power Slash!" The energy flowed all along the sword as it thrusts forward with intense haste, disappating in rings along the entire blade. The sword pierces right through the goblin, the blade coming right out the back of its armor.

With the momentum of the sword with it, the goblin was sent reeling back into the bushes, once again landing with a thunderous crash. Dropping its sword to cover the wound on its chest, the goblin slowly sits up, groaning in pain. The bomb it held in its hands falling into its lap, as the goblin stared wide-eyed at its own demise.


The jungle stood deathly quiet following the explosion rocking its branches. The last bit of sediment falling from the sky that had been shot up into the air revealing the group of the women and children behind a blue and red swirling barrier, which soon faded as Krystia rose to her feet. Raska stood up from behind his sword, which he used as a shield from the blast. Taking a heavy swing to throw off the blood that stained it, he sheathed it on his back, turning to the group.

"Is everyone alright?"

"Yes noone is harmed love, thankfully we arrived just in time." Krystia replied.

Rhydia lunged onto Kedryn giving him a big hug. "Keddy!! that was amasing! do it again!" she yelled with joy, squeezing Kedryn even harder, causing him to turn flush. Krystia pryed Rhydia off of Kedryn quickly, as Kedryn desperatly tried to regain his breath.

Relena smiled at Kedryn. "Well done little one, i'm very impressed, your father would be proud i'm sure."

"Yes, his talents exceed what i first thought of him." Raska added. "Good job m'boy, and welcome." He walked over to Kedryn and knelt down to his level. "My name is Raska, i am the one who found you by the crystal."

Kedryn bowed in respect. "Thank you sir, i am Kedryn."

"Well then Kedryn, we have much to discuss, seeing a goblin on this island and the appearance of the strange crystal means ill for our people." He gets up and begins to walk towards the village. "Come everyone, let's take shelter for the day, for tomorrow we have consul to seek."

Krystia and Relena usher the children to follow Raska back towards the village, Kedryn and Rhydia follow in tow.

~End of part one~
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Windurst, Heaven's Tower

High up on the top floor of Heaven's Tower, a small Tarutaru woman exits her chamber, heading towards the central platform. The woman, known to all as the Star Sybil, with her long blue hair braided up into a tail that almost matched herself in height, looked up to the peak of the tower. The top of the great tree which housed the entierty of Heaven's Tower itself had an opening at the top letting light to rain in accentuating the magical lighting sources scattered throughout the tower. The Star Sybil lowered her head, closes her eyes, and begins chanting in Tarutaru, while the moonlight shining through the opening above grew brighter to form a concentrated beam of light. Her chanting grows louder as soon she raises her head along with her arms outstretched towards the sky. "Reveal!"

The Beam of light opens up to form a sphereical shape, along it strung with the star patterns forming the different Vana'dielian constellations, which were named after the mighty avatars; Carbuncle the light mystic, Titan the earthen strongarm, Ifrit the flame demon, Garuda the wind siren, Ramuh the grandfather of thunder, Leviathan the water serpent, Shiva the ice queen, and Fenrir the wolf of darkness. The Star Sybil once again began chanting in her native Tarutaru tounge, the only others around being the 4 most powerful War Warlocks, the elitest group of mages the Tarutaru use as a military force for peace, charged with the detail of guarding their leader from harm. The sphere began to change from the star system into a picture-like diary of the near future, this is the means to which the Star Sybil has been communing to the heavens to ensure her nation's prosperity and peace, in addition to insight to creating a defense from harmful advances should that need arise.

To the Star Sybil's surprise however, the pictures did not show her land of Windurst, but instead began to show images from the neighboring isle of Elshimo. Such an occurance only happens when great danger is to befall said location, and the star Sybil soon realized her peaceful Mithran neighbors were in great peril, yet she sits powerless to do anything about it!

As the Star Sybil continues to view the events laid out to her, a ruckass was happening in the lower parts of the tower, the sounds of shouting Tarutaru rang through the halls.

"Let me by, the Sybil needs to hear what i have to say!" a middle aged Tarutaru man fumes at the guards placed in front of the Celestial stairway door.

"You know the rules, no one sees the Sybil during Communion, now be off with thee!" one of the guards strenly replies, shoving the other man backwards onto his behind.

Ajido-Marujido opens the door behind the guards, practically charging through. "What's going on down here! The Sybil is in the middle of Communion!" he bellows.

"Sorry minister, this man was trying to......hey where'd he go?!" the flustered guard looks around feverishly for the man he just shoved aside.

Ajido turns around to see the man running up the steps furiously. Quickly he chants a spell, sending 2 yellow rings of energy to entrap the man. "Heh, i think you lost this one boys, lemme show you how its done." as they all trot up the steps to capture the man.

"You....won't contain...me...SO EASILY!!" the man breaks through the rings holding him, and further continues to bolt up the steps towards the Sybil. Shocked beyond belief, Ajido attempts to entrap the man once again, but its too late as the man already has ran beyond his range.

Seething with anger he yells as the guards. "Well! What are you doing just standing there, GO AFTER HIM!"

"Yes, minister!" as the guards chase the man down. Ajido slowly follows behind the group, pondering to himself in the process. "Hmmmm, there's only one person who could've fended off my spell so easily, heh." pausing for a moment he thought to himself calmly. "Ah well in that case, he'll be fine, he always has been, haha." as the minister turns around and begins to desend the tower, seemingly chanting a spell on the way down.

The Star Sybil receives the ending part of the communion, as the man rushes up the step, screaming along the way. Seeing the communion sphere on his way up, he instantly stops his advance, as he watches the events transpire on the sphere, stricken with awe. The communion ends shortly there after, leaving the man to be caught by the pursuing guards, and he continues to struggle and yell towards the Sybil.

"Lets go of me you brutes, i must speak with the Sybil!"

"Calm down little man, you'll be in a jail cell soon enough for trespassing on these grounds during the communion." as the guards begin to escort the struggling Tarutaru man back down the steps.

"Release him." The star Sybil addresses the guards in an extremely calm tone.

Almost immediatly the guards release the man, and bow down, kneeling before their leader. "Yes, your gracious."

Nodding to their respect, the sybil waves her hand towards the guards. "Leave us now, i must speak with this one alone." the tone of her voice never changing.

"At once, your gracious." the both get up, bow, and leave down the steps out of the communion hall, leaving the man still stunned with what he saw, heading oer to the sybil and bowing to her respectfully in turn.

"Your gracious, a tragedy has occured, my son Kedryn has been...."

"I know of the kidnapping of your son Holmden, but, to my dismay, our forces can do nothing to help where he has been brought."

Holmden drops to his knees with disbelief. "You can't be serious, please tell me you jest!"

"I wish i were, i am sorry young one, but your son is out of our hands, only fate and the stars guide him now."

"What about that girl with a tail i saw Kedryn with, who is she? Can she help him?"

"She is a mystery to even me, nothing has been revealed except she holds a powerful magic within her, one that has been thought long forgotten since the time of the great summonings. I believe if anyone could help your son at this time, it would be her."

"Lets hope your right, but another thing, what about the goblin incursion into their island from the crag? What will happen to them? Will they be alright?"

"I am sorry but i cannot reveal the things i have been shown, you know as well as all that the communion is a sacred ritual, only to be perceived by myself. Take with you no knowledge of what you have witnessed this day, and pray for your son's safe return, that is all i can offer."

"Ok your gracious..." Holmden bows "I believe in your leadership, but i do not agree with your lax intent to helping one of your own." and with that Holmden left the chamber, sulking.

The Star Sybil turned around and began to head into her chamber, until she stopped suddenly to turn her head towards one of the far corners. "You can come out minister, i'm sure you know what needs to be done."

Ajido comes out of his invisible state and approaches the Star Sybil. "So we need to get ready to welcome our Mithran neighbors into our fair Federation's walls then?"

The Sybil nods her head and continues her advance towards her chamber. "Yes, soon we will have the allies we have needed to keep our nation strong, unbeknownst to them, we play the part of welcoming them into our home, while bolstering further control over this world. This is for the sake of the Federation's prosperity, i am sure you understand this as well."

Ajido nods in response "I do, your gracious, but remember our deal. You have my full support, and i get to continue my reasearch on the forgotten power of lore. It is to both of our advantages to obtain this power and be able to control it to our will."


Ajido casts a spell, warping out of the chamber while the Star Sybil goes into her chamber. She sits down on her perch to meditate on what she saw in communion. After a while she mumbles to herself. "That girl........"

~~~~~End of part 2~~~~~
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Well that's as far as i've gotten unfortunately, right smack in the middle of chapter 3! ><; I'll diligently start recreating this tale very soon so any of you that chose to read and follow this have something to look forward too. Hope you enjoy the read! ^^ :D
Rhydia of Caitsith is back! 75WAR, WHM, SMN

"Death is not the end but a gateway to a new beginning."

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