My Solemn Duty

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My Solemn Duty

Post by Althaia » Sun Aug 13, 2006 3:06 am

((this is nothing special, just a short letter I sent out to all my old RP buddies b/e one of our mutual friends quit. His computer got a virus in the last week of his account, so his absense came rather suddenly and rudely, that last week with him before his account ran out STOLEN from us. As such, we decided to make his death something a little less dramatic than originally planned.))

As I write these letters, each the same, and thus in fact the same letter over and over again, I'm watching the ocean through a window. So vast, so eternal... it will survive long past our kitten's kittens and children's children. Each of us, however, is but a fleeting, momentary spark. Never is this truth so painfully clear than when someone near and dear to us passes.

I know I haven't spoken to many, well most of you, in quite some time. So goes the life of an adventurer, much like that of a nomad. It is my solemn duty to inform you that the one known to many as Maximeo has passed from this realm of existence. That is to say, dead.

It is so, so very hard to write these words, and the repetition of them in each of my letters to each of you makes it no less unbelievable and heart-wrenching. I am so sorry I couldn't do more to save him. He meant so much to me. ((the word "me" is smudged, as if by water))

In the last two months of his life, we were a couple. Which isn't a very accurate way to describe it, if you think about it. It was more like we were one. Two halves of one, joined. His death came suddenly, in his sleep, the cause of which could not be determined by either the doctor on the boat nor myself, an accomplished white mage... I couldn't save him, please understand. If I could have, I would have! ((the words in the last sentence written somewhat messily))

((composure regained, the following text is much neater)) I am planning a funeral service for him in San d'Oria, the nation of his allegiance. I'm hoping some nobles there will give me some guidance on how to proceed, considering that Maximeo served his country so faithfully. When I have finalized the details, I will send you word.

I pray that this letter reaches you safely and in good health,
~Alth Aaiaa~
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