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Kiri Tale ^^

Post by Kiri~onna » Sun Jul 16, 2006 1:35 am

this is my 1st time writing something like this, so any info would be helpful. ^^

As the night slowly begins to fade into the vast endless sea and the blissful sun slowly creaps over the horizon, the small town fishers start to cast off to catch the early fish for the days long market ahead. The sun slowly creaps above midway hover the horizon and slowly this little fishing town comes to life as the shop keepers gather all the materials require to make a small profit for the day from the young eager advanturers comeing over on the mornings ship.

"Easy with that cart of goods" came a voice as a sight of the morning ship from Mhaura is spoted in the far distance and a soft whistle can be heard from pending its arival.

The ship docks with Selbina port and many adventurers start to pour out of its hull like starved crazed rats out of a sinking ship, eager for excitment and wonders of the new place of Selbina. Also a few nomade moogles slowly come out after the adventures to carry out much needed tasks by their current employers. Slowly the once quite town of Selbina rose like the morning sun into a well placed safehaven and market place with well tided trade routs to San D'ori and Bastok with all the comerce between the local vendors and the newly arrived adventures.

As one of the nomade moogels slowly wander through the venues and crowds of adventures, hearing aboundful of ruccus in the near backgrond.
"Hey, stop that thief!!" as one of the local vendors shouts in anger and frustration as several theifs make off with some gil and food. The moogel stops for a moment, looks around and spots a small warnout path that leads just over the small hill can barly see a simple looking house overlooking the small town.

The moogle found its destination, but continues to wander around looking for a few items, some fresh fruits, bread and a few fish from the early catch by the local fisherman. and slowly goes up the warout path to the lone house overlooking the town with a spectacular view of the harbor and the nearby beach off in the distance.

A lovely mithra still curled up in a large mohagony bed, stuffed with the finest feathers in a rather large room. With her short red hair, curled up in the center of the bed still in her evening garments came a loud banging at the door.

"Alright... im up.. hold on." as now a irate mithra woken out of her peaceful slumber, searches around for her robes, slowly gets out and walks over to the door. The inside of this very nice house. Partly built directly into the hillside with a nice peaceful looking water stream flowing out of a large hole into a pool off in the corner with a few slide screens around it. On the other side of the room was two rather large polished oak dressers next to eachother, and a small stool in the middel with a well placed egg in the center.

Another loude banging from the door by the impatient nomade moogel. "Alright, just a moment." said Kiri as she opeaned up the door.


"For the last time, please stop calling me that, you know i dont like it" as she stares at her moogel with very irateded eyes, "...this has better be worth disturbing me." as she calmly at her moogel.

"Yes mast... i mean Kiri."

"Thats a bit better" said with a slight smile on her lips.

" I have here eargent message from your Straw, he says that he will be with you later tonight under the stars at the hidden beach."

"My Straw is going to take me out somewhere specail tonight!" she said with glimer in her eyes, quickly turned over to the closest large oak dresser. Kiri mosted loved friend Strawberr, a well endowed Dark Knight of San D'Orie. She and Straw have been goodfriends snice her arrival in Windurst, eager to become a great adventurer. She has studied hard and fast to beable to show her worth of his guidance. "What should i wear for my special knight." Sifting through countless gears and clothing, still hideing her true fealings from him. mostly her clothing and gear she kept in this large oak dressor was the color red from her job being a strong redmage and being red her favorit collor. With a sudden inspiration she reaches down, pulls out a few articals of clothing saying, "I know just the thing..." then suddenly paused and stared straightly at the next dressor.

"I'm sorry mast... i mean kiri, there has been no news of her for some time." said the moogel noticeing his master looking at the large well polished dressor next to kiri.

"I know, all we can do is hope for the best" Kiri said reaching for a well ornated key hanging up on the way. Places it into the lock and slowly turns it opean.
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Post by ScarlettPheonix » Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:34 pm

Very nice :D

Please do some more^^
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Post by Kiri~onna » Fri Jul 28, 2006 2:25 am

^^ ok, im still a bit new at this and havent exactly worked out where this might be hedding but here goes.

As Kiri catiously turns the key and places one hand on the this enormous oak furnished dresser. The moogel slowly floated behind kiri, afraid of anything that might jump out and attack them. The key in the lock rotated conterclockwise 45 degrees, the small crevises in the wood start to glow an irrie black and mist slowly begins to flow out of its cracks. Upon seeing this, kiri bows her and slowly incites old ninjitsu spell with her palm pressed up against the dressor now pulsing with a irrie dark presence. When kiri finishes the incantation of the ninjitsu spell and loud noise came from inside the dresser.

"What in the name of Altana was that" said the moogel now hideing behind kiri and overlooking her shoulder. Kiri opeaned her eyes got up slowly and backed away as the dresser now pure black slowly creaked opean from the center.

"I dont know" Kiri explained, "I never thought the Onna family chant would work on opeaning this dresser up." she said looking at the moogel with currious intent.

The dresser opeaned up completely with a endless void of black inside slowly spilling out onto the floor, but in the far distance of the dressor that seams to be going on for endless horizons a small glimmer of light was rapily moveing towards them, then suddenly stoped when the darkess inside the dresser was gone, but still dark enough to not see what secrets this odd dresser beholds. Even more eagger and currious intiet on finding what secrets or treasure lays waiting inside, Kiri slowly aproched the dresser with excitment and fear of what awaits. She slowly got infort of it and sat down on her knee's as was custom in her family house with company. Kiri slowly reached inside the dresser with both arms to where the two small lights would be and wispered a small fire spell to eluminate. With the casting done, her sparks were caght by several insence candels revealing an anchient Deep Black pearl Samarai armor that has been altered with heavey metalic spikes on the shoulders with long red stripes running down from the spikes to the center of the chest.

"Who ever owned such an amazing artifact would surly be very powerful and devatatingly frightning person to come across." the moogel said seeing this strange but wonderous armor.

"Its the Onna famly heirloom, but why is it now mine." Kiri stammered in thought. "Im not next inline to become leader of the Onna house, im not fit to do so. I turned my back away from my family practice of ninja and samurai arts to learn magic at windurst."

"But in insited that strange spell just a few moments ago mistress Kiri."

Kiri, turned around and stared her moogel in the eyes, up against it nose to nose. She continued to stair down the moogel for a few moments and slowly got a grin on her lips and said, "I sorta like the sound of that, but dont you ever say that in other company presence, understand." she said in a melisous tone and the moogel noded in complainace to her request.

"It is my the Onna famly curras." kiri said looking back at the armor. "It belongs to those inline to becomeing the next of kin to lead the family house, but i shouldnt have this here. Im not next in line, something must have terrably happened to my eldiest cousin." saying with deepening sarrow in her town. "Something must be terr..."

"Im sorry mistress kiri, but what about that egg on the stool in the center of the room." Moogel said abruptly.

Kiri quickly turned her attention to the moogel now hovering near the egg and said quickly forgetting her previous though, "Oh that, im hopeing it will hatch soon." saying with a great smile on her face. Slowly reaches down and clentches her San D'ori atken, her bathing suit and headed to the curtians where a nice bathing pool was then looking back at her moogel and said in a scolding manner, "If i even sence you peeking on me moogel, it wil be your last sight without any warning."
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Post by Kiri~onna » Sun Aug 20, 2006 9:06 am

Seams that few have read this and fewer have made responces to it, i would dearly like to know your thoughs. Im also sorry for this being a while. Its a little short this time.

With the blistering heat from the midday sun, Kiri in her Sand'Orie akten with her favorit swim wear underneath it for a peronal look and comfort in this unforgiveing weather along with a well decorated belt that holds her favorit sword on her side. She looks up at the sky and curses the unusaly withering heat and places her hat on. In placeing her hat on, nearby adventures stop and crowd around Kiri, asking for favors of odd sorts that most inixeriance adventures are willing to offer to gain favor form a redmage, a splendid mithra ontop of that. In taken her time and politely declining all the offers the swarm of adventures around her, she quickly cast sneak and invisable on herself to make a quick exit outside of Selbina.

Upon exiting Selbina town gates, kiri noticed a large odd number of adventures rushing to get in. Among the comotion these adventures were maken, Kiri heard mobelings about a large group of goblins chaseing afters afew inexperianced ones. As a kind guesture, kiri ushered as many as she could find into the safty of Selbina and with a most inside the walls, slowly pearing out, she turned her head seaing a few goblins aproching and gave a small smile on her face.

"10 goblins" kiri counted in her mind, slowly turning towards them and stareing straight at them. She withdraws her sword and stands it upright in the sand. Upon doing this, six of the goblins froze in their places and ran back to their camps."hehe, four left now, this will be a little fun." she said with a evil grin on her face.

Reaching down grasping her sword, getting a good grip, quickly ln a blur of lightning strike cut down three goblin ambushers, the only goblin remaning was named Zim by kiri form all her previous taunts and toying in the past. Looking down at the now unconsious ambushers, zim droped his staff, being a goblin leacher and ran back out into the dunes. With the goblin threat over, Kiri heard several cheers of some onlookers adventures seeing at her quick and easy victory. Several adventures with slight anger problems started pickpocting the uncontious golbins, few even hit them a few times.

Later when all the adventures have gone back out into the dunes and along the perfect beaches when the heat was cooling down, Kiri mischieviously stalked through the dunes to a small cavern with a simple camp in it. Infront of the fire was Zim, drawing in the sand. Kiri kept on creepen forward right behind him then suddenly.
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