Carbuncle Army

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Carbuncle Army

Post by Mystiana » Sun Jun 18, 2006 9:40 pm

"Why do I do this to myself? I'm not a healer, and I get frustrated when things don't go well. Why do I continue to be a Summoner?" I pound my fist into the bed and sigh.

The moogle looks over, concerned. "If I may be so bold, master, it's because you never give up on something you really want..." He kupo's nervously.

I turn and look at the moogle, startled by the response. I stand up and slowly walk over to him. He looks apprehensive as I approach, but doesn't move. When I get close enough, I pounce him and give him a huge hug. "Sometimes, you just know the right thing to say. I do want to see the true power of the avatars. It just seems so far away right now."

"Everything takes.. time.. master...", he replies, still squished in my arms.

I giggle softly and release my grasp. I take a ginger cookie from my bag and hand it to him. I smile at him, then turn to get dressed in my Austere and Evoker's attire. "I probably won't get a party anyway, so it'll be a quiet night anyway."

"Master is always pessimistic..."

The moogle slinks away before I can throw something at him, which I was reaching to do. I shout in the direction he went, "Stop calling me master!"

I stepped outside into the crisp night air of Al Zahbi. I had some items to sell, so I walked over to the Auction House. Just as I got close, someone sends a message: {Summoner} {Party}? {Uleguerand Range}

I've been invited to one of these before, and what always happens is after waiting around for about an hour, the party doesn't find enough people to pull it off, and I go to sleep frustrated. Already fatigued from the day, I reply with skepticism. Asking how many are coming, he says I would make three, and that's enough for a start. He hopes to find more, but hasn't yet. I ponder for a minute, and then accept the invitation. The worst that happens is we all die in a icey explosion... wait, that's pretty bad.

I arrive in the range, and join the party. Yup, only three of us. I join the other two and the leader explains what to do. I've tried this before, and have yet to gain positive experience from it, but I smile and nod and prepare for death.

The leader goes out and pulls a snoll. The other Tarutaru and I wait, and when the snoll comes in range, we send out our Carbuncles and run away. As each Carbuncle is defeated, we resummon, run in range, send the pet off, and run back out of range. The bomb self destructs, and we cheer. Okay, that was pretty nice; 141 experience points. We try it again, and successfully gain more experience. We decide we can do better, and move to some harder snolls. The pulls are harder without inticing unwanted monsters, but we kill two more for roughly 200 exp each.

The leader then announces we're climbing to the top of the mountain. He has found two new members to join, so we're going for the hardest of the hard snolls. The words my mother always said ring in my ears, "the greater the gain, the greater the risk." I couldn't think of anything more risky than the fabled snolls of the frozen lake. Well, okay, I suppose I could attack Jormungand. That would be labled more as suicidal than risky, though.

Suprisingly, I made it to the top without bring the wrath of the truesight mobs on top of me or the party. We all gather together at the valley near the lake and review the plan. One person pulls from the lake, and we all attack once the snoll reaches the edge. Sounds easy enough, and maybe with five of us, we might not die. We rest up, summon the Carbuncles, and rush out into the cold wind. The snoll is pulled, and everyone sends the command at once. We then high-tail it back to the valley and wait. A few people resummoned and attacked, but nothing yet. Then everyone was resummoning, and the victory was ours. A whopping 300 experience points. Wow.

I almost dropped my empress band in the snow as I hastily put it on. I'm shaking as we summon again and again, racking up the experience points, unheard of for a simple level 61. We were only up there for less than 2 hours, but I went from 10k to 61 to 4k into 62. It was a sight to see, as each time a new snoll was pulled, the Carbuncle Army, as I named it, would swarm to the snoll and start beating on it.

I returned home. The moogle welcomed me, unsure of my mood. I smiled warmly and told him of the events. His eyes grew wide as I told the tale. Then he composed himself, winked at me, and retorted, "So... still want to give up Summoner?" I laughed and shook my head.

"Now I want to be one more than ever."

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