The Story of PinkFae

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The Story of PinkFae

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PinkFae was born in Kazham during the time of the Crystal Wars. Her mother, VioletFae, was part of the Kazham militia that defended the city from the raiding beastmen. This did not happen very often in the isolated town of Kazham. The Mithra rarely ventured out of the city and the beastmen would only raid the city when their supplies were low. During one of the attacks, VioletFae obtained a journal from one of the goblins she slain. She read how the beastmen were rising to take over Vana’diel, and about how the Four Kingdom Alliance formed to stop their advancement. When PinkFae was two years old, VioletFae decided to leave Kazham and travel to Windurst to fight for the good of Vana’diel from this rising hoard. She was never seen or heard from again.

Like all male Mithra, PinkFae’s father was living in Tsahya, and was not permitted to leave the island. He eventually heard the news that VioletFae left Kazham and went off to Windurst. It was not uncommon for male Mithra to have many mates due to the low population of males, yet VioletFae was her father’s favorite and most beloved of his mates. He quickly fell into a deep state of depression and died months later. Many said that he died of a broken heart.

Although PinkFae was taken care of by the tribe, she felt alone and isolated. She blamed herself for her mother leaving the tribe and for her father's death. In her early teens she would often secretly sneak out of Kazham and explore the lush jungles of Elshimo. The Mithra in Kazham worship Vana’diel as their goddess, so PinkFae’s discovery of the land around her was a religious experience. She learned the language of the trees and the ferns around her telling her of enemies or friends close by. She also learned how to use them to satisfy her hunger or cure her wounds.

During one of her outings she discovered a large, glowing, white crystal hidden by some large stones. She was in awe at its beauty. She has seen many crystals before in her lifetime, but nothing as enormous and as beautiful as this one. Although the journey was a long one, she would frequently visit it trying to understand its secrets.

When she turned sixteen summers old she visited the crystal again. She has visited it many times before, but this time it was different. This time she was going to gather up her courage and touch the strange crystal. She looked about to make sure there were no Tonberries in sight and then slowly approached it. The crystal suddenly grew warm and very bright as she reached out to touch it. Then it spoke to her in a feminine, watery voice:

From my tears you were born, PinkFae.
I still cry for you and give you life.
I know what you question, PinkFae,
but answers will not come to you here.
You most travel in your mother’s pawprints.
There you will find your answers.
You will find them in Windurst.

PinkFae ran the entire way back to Kazham out of a mixture of fear and excitement. She thought the voice was that of her mother, and that she was waiting for her to come to her in Windurst. Like her mother before her, PinkFae stole a boat in the dead of night and paddled her way to Windurst.

After several months out in the open sea, and with her freshwater supply nearly empty she hear the distinct sound of seagull cries. With renewed energy, PinkFae paddled her boat quicker. The image of a lighthouse began to emerge from the horizon. Some Tarutaru fishermen spotted her as she got closer and helped dock her boat.

One of the fishermen took PinkFae to his home. She was feed, got clean cloths and a warm bath. The tarutaru that took her in was an old fisherman living with his wife and his granddaughter. The young tarutaru’s parents both died at the Battle at Windurst during the Crystal Wars. She was an orphan like PinkFae and they both shared much in common, so much so that PinkFae started to call her MiniFae. The two quickly became friends and the new name stuck.

Windurst was still suffering from the aftermath of the Crystal Wars. Homes and shops were still being rebuilt, and Heavens Tower was slowly returning to its former glory. She made herself some gil by helping repair Windurst. She always asked everyone she met if they knew her mother, but everyone she asked has never heard of her.

Five years later Windurst was restored to its original state before the War and PinkFae was out of work. At the age of twenty-one, she began to steal food from the cooking guild shop. She was a natural thief and could pick a pocket with remarkable ease. She soon began to steal beastman coins and small gems from foreigners in the market. She loved there pretty colors and the soft, warm feel of them in her paw. Her love of all things goldsmithing is something that she still with her today.

One day, two years into her thieving, she picked the pocket of an Elvaan man in long flowing robes. She managed to find a book. She went to a quiet spot in Windurst Waters to read it. It contained the tales of Altana and how from her tears all living things were born. PinkFae remembered those words she heard back in Kazham. She began to wonder if it was Altana that talked to her and not her mother.

She showed this book to her friend MiniFae. MiniFae explained to her how the Star Sibyl is the incarnation of Altana here in Vana’diel. This is when PinkFae first began to believe that Altana existed in everything, and that some are just more in touch with Altana then others. PinkFae told MiniFae how she came about this book. MiniFae told her that she ought to return the book back to the Elvaan. MiniFae informed her that the Elvaan was Gantineux a priest from San d’Oria who was here to convert people to his faith. The book was undoubtedly very important to him and that she ought to give up on her life of crime and come with live with her and her grandparents.

PinkFae knew that she was right and went back to the Elvaan with her tail between her legs. After she gave Gantineux his book back and apologies were made, PinkFae told him about the crystal that found in Elshimo and the strange voice that she heard. The Elvaan told her that she was blessed by Altana herself, and that she needs to seek the goddess out, and reform herself from her thieving ways. PinkFae heeded his words and stopped stealing from others. She went to live with MiniFae, who was taking care of her terminally ill grandmother.

PinkFae wanted to talk to Altana and know more about her mother’s whereabouts. The best way to seek out the goddess was to talk to someone who is in touch with her, and that was obviously the Star Sibyl. Since she was not a high ranking official, she couldn’t obtain an audience with her. So, over the next few months, PinkFae began to craft a plan to talk to the Star Sibyl. She was well fortified inside of Heavens Tower and she never came out. Yet, PinkFae did notice that Semih Lafihna, the leader of the Sibyl Guards came and went very frequently. PinkFae tracked her movements and learned her daily patterns.

When PinkFae believed that the time was right, she “borrowed” a Sibyl Guard uniform, some silent oil and some prism powders. Disguised as a guard, she managed to sneak inside pass the main door along with some other guards. It was dinner time and the guards were all sitting at tables eating their meal. Semih Lafihna was among them, so PinkFae helped herself to some food, sat in the corner out of sight, and kept one eye and one ear trained on Semih.

For what seemed like hours to PinkFae, but were only a handful of minutes, Semih excused herself and went up the spirally staircase. PinkFae quietly went off into the shadows and rubbed the oil over feet muting the sound of her paws, and sprinkled the power over her head making her invisible. She then quickly went up the stairs and followed closely behind Semih.

PinkFae went pass a few guards near a teleportation rune, over a bridge and up to some large stone doors. The sentries on either side of the door opened it for Semih, and PinkFae dashed inside before the doors were closed. The Star Sibyl was sitting on a throne and noticed PinkFae, even though she was still sneaking and invisible. Semih quickly apprehended PinkFae and as she did so the remaining powder feel from her head making her visible to all.

The leader of the Sibyl Guards was going to throw her out, but the Star Sibyl stopped her, sensing something from PinkFae that she hasn’t sensed since first meeting Semih. She asked PinkFae what brought her to Heavens Tower to risk her life to see her. PinkFae then told her the tale of her mother, the strange crystal she found in Elshimo so many years ago and her encounter with Gantineux. The Star Sibyl smiled up at the young, brave Mithra. She told PinkFae that she sensed that she had the answers already within her. She instructed her to seek out Balasiel in San d’Oria and he will train her how to find these answers she already had.

Her kind words touched PinkFae, and she silently vowed allegiance with the Federation of Windurst, shaking off the last of her loyalty to Kazham. The next day she went out into East Sarutabaruta slaying the vermin that infested the land and began her life as an adventurer.

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