Fires From Al Zahbi..... Is This An Illusion?

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Fires From Al Zahbi..... Is This An Illusion?

Post by Karou Ariyen » Wed May 03, 2006 2:36 am

I was groggy when the boat hit the port, As if someone drugged me.... my eyes fluttered trying to focus as I picked myself up.... Were those rumors from Kahzam true? Had my Aunt fled to Al Zahbi... or Did I just get entangled into a chase for nothing?

I stepped off the boat, my gear clanking, knowing my chocobo would be at the stables by now. After exiting the dock someone had bumped into me, when I turned to see who, a note somehow ended up in my hand. In my own code, to my surprise, it read 'Lady Karou Krazy.' Karou Krazy, I thought, Either my aunt's doing, or someone's stalking me.... Just what I needed, Another Reason to start a fight. Was bad enough I was suspened from Royal Knight Duty for a year. What are you looking at? That Temple Knight was a butt.....never mind, another time.

This place was a maze. The Sights. The Sounds. The Worst Map Ever. After stumbling around familiarizing myself and helping a few tastey tarutaru's along the way, I found the rent a room, decided I needed a rest, and holed up myself up for the rest of the night.

The mystery Begins again..... Only This Time I'm Far From Home In A Strange Land.

New Fan Fic I'm Starting hehe, more to be posted later.
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