Am I Dreaming?

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Am I Dreaming?

Post by Mystiana » Mon Apr 17, 2006 9:19 pm

I woke from my restless slumber, and looked around my mog house. My moogle sprung to my side, looking at me with a concerned expression. "Are you feeling well, master?"
I hold my head in my paw, muttering in a low tone, "I told you not to call me that."
"I'm sorry, ma-ma'am. It's in my nature, as you know."
"I know... and ... the answer to your question is that I don't know if I am well or not."
The moogle pauses, then quips a reply. "After what you went through yesterday, I'm not sure you would move again."
My eyes pop open. "Oh my goddess. It wasn't a dream after all."
The moggle chuckles slightly, "Oh no, master. Not even close. You staggered into here barely breathing. You have been mumbling in your sleep about Promathia, Prishe, Altana, and many others. I have been worried all night. Whatever you did yesterday, it was very much real."
I sit up slowly, letting the moogle's words sink in. I scratch an ear and get out of bed. My head spins with visions from only the day before. I blink a few times, then dress and head out. As I scamper out the door, I shout behind me not to worry about breakfast. Before he can reply, the door closes behind me.

I run the list of friends I need to talk to through my mind as I head toward the Fishing Guild. There are so many people to see. I spend hours giving Rottata bits of gil and he happily warps me away. After the third time, he asks me what I'm up to. I smile at him and mention I'm just visiting friends today. He nods and teleports me again. I feel I've traveled half the known world, but everyone on my mental list is safe and sound... I think. I never really understood the two Elvaan with the same name, and I still don't.

After the last person, I decide it's time to head to Jeuno. I am fortunate to catch an airship right before it departs and head up to Ru'Lude Gardens. While most of Vana'diel is oblivious to what happened, I expected something from the Jeuno government. At the very least, they should have stories to tell about the battle with the wyrms. I am sorely disappointed to hear little of a reward or glorious stories. Before I am dismissed, I am told to visit Marble Bridge before departing on my way.

"A tavern?", I thought to myself. "Could it be a trap? Maybe, maybe not." I didn't feel like becoming chums with any Jeuno officials, but curiousity won out, and I went to the tavern. I knocked softly, and without having to see if I was welcome, the door opened and a voice invited me in. I went inside, greeted the female hume waiting, and took a seat. We talked about yesterday, and the future. Fortunately I was not asked to join Jeuno's military or antyhing. I hate turning down such offers again and again. My ears perk up as a reward is mentioned. She said she's left three rings with Zuber, and I may select one for my own. She then says her farewells and leaves the tavern.

The instant the door closes behind her, I hop up and rush over to the counter. Zuber smiles at me, almost smirking at my eagerness as he greets me. Then he lays out the three rings before me. The choice I have been dreading is here at last. I finger each of the rings. "Am I a mage, or melee... what is my future?" I go over this question in my head, picking up one ring, which Zuber calls the Tamas Ring, and the other, the Rajas Ring. "Which one...?" The thought crosses my mind of taking them both, but Zuber has been a good friend. Not to mention the fact that Hume would hunt me down and probably take both of them back. I close my eyes, holding a ring in each paw, and take a deep breath. I slowly hand one of the rings back, never opening my eyes. I close my paw around the other one, "This one." I open my eyes, swallowing hard.

Zuber smiles at me. "A fine choice, madame." I thank him softly, and excuse myself hastily. I quickly leave the tavern, not opening my paw until outside. I finally open my paw and look inside. The ring ebs with power as I take it and slip it on my finger. I smirk as I say to myself... "I guess I am a mage." My Tamas Ring seems to shimmer as I say these words.

I head off to the Jeuno rent-a-room to take a quick nap.
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Post by Kopopo » Mon Apr 17, 2006 10:54 pm

/clap /clap /clap /cheer


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Post by Pheonixhawk » Thu Apr 27, 2006 2:01 am

Sounds like a good one. :D
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