National Backup Day

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National Backup Day

Post by Tivia » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:13 pm

Has come and gone as many of us are aware. Did you check your backups? Did you get backup going? Or did you do what I did and triple check all backups on every single PC, laptop and phone and then forget your PS3?

Yep, you guessed it. After years of service the hdd in my 60gb PS3 gave me the finger and no..I hadn't backed it up. No idea why, but despite me being extremely picky about backups in multiple locations, it never once crossed my mind to back that up.

While I had to redownload all digital content, I did get lucky. I managed to keep the drive limping along long enough to extract most of my game save data. I however lost all my PS1/PS2 game saves as they evidently resided on the bad part of the drive. Oh well, excuse to break out FFVII and FFVIII again.

During this process I did manage to make a few discoveries. Apparently the PSN+ or wtf ever it is called has some realy nice online storage options for backing your crap up online in addition. Not to mention a crapload of other fairly nice features that I hadn't bothered to look at, outside the free content from PSN. Not sure if it is enough to make me actually want it, but more information is always a good thing.

So, TL:DR - If you aren't, back your **** up. That includes your PS3's and 360's.

But Tivia, hard drives are too expensive! No they aren't quit being a cheapass and go here.

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