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Tips on Divine Might

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 1:25 am
by Pheonixhawk
Anyone have any tips or strats for Divine Might? My ls gonna do it next wendsday and hopefully I can get my Abyssal Earrings. (Extra Scythe skill would be teh sexuh.)

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:55 am
by Kintrra
Have a THF or NIN run in and get initial aggro (they do nothing to the mobs, literally just run in, aggro them, and run like hell back to the start).

Manaburn TT down with your mages. They are to claim him off of the initial aggro person. This includes use of manafont if need be.

Meleeburn GK (WAR/NINs work very well for this, since his WS can be blinked). They are to claim GK off of the initial aggro just as the mages are to do with TT.

You'll need two tanks to kite EV and HM around long enough for the melees and mages to take care of TT, GK, and MR.

Once the mages have TT down, they turn, help nuke down GK if he's even still alive, and then his wyvern. Once GK's wyvern is down, all DDs, mages and melee, go back down the hall to where the NIN or THF is to be tanking MR with a RDM or BRD helper. Said NIN or THF is NOT to touch MR, as this will ruin the 'supertank' where the RDM can cure them endlessly with no hate.

Once all the DDs have come back and turned MR into a bad hentai scene, Everyone runs back to the middle and pulls EV or HM up onto the stairs (your choice, personally, I prefer to take down EV first since she doesn't have Mijin Gakure), and proceeds to beat down chosen victim. If you pulled HM first, it's entirely possible you'll eat a wipe at this point. RR and continue per normal.

Once that one is down, proceed to beat the holy hell out of the remaining AA.

All said and told, you'll need 2 tank/kiters for EV and HM, and 2 healers to go with them, along with possibly a refresh to help out the healers. One NIN or THF, and a RDM or BRD to assist them with MR and her pet (pet will need to be slept).

Everything else is DD.

All players of course need to bring Reraise, Melees preferably need to bring Sleep pots and Opo-opo necklace for outside before the actual fight.

This is the strategy that FINALLY got me my Suppanomimi. I recommend it highly.

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 9:37 pm
by Keavy
I could care less about the earring I just want to finish the RoZ storyline.

0/3 on the fight but still looking to do it. Anyone on Phoenix look me up.

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 11:57 pm
by Tinacat
I think my HNMLS is doing Divine Might next week, I might be able to get you in.

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 5:02 pm
by Alya Mizar (Tsybil)
1/2 on DM. Being a career RDM my job was to sleep the pets, then throw enfeebles on whatever was being fought while healing anyone who needed it.

It seems to me that the one thing lacking in so many boss fights is people who remember to provoke the mobs off the RDM*. In my first DM I used Sleepga on the pets and got pounded into a kitty pulp by the Galka AA. I was the first one down IIRC.

Cluega here, you loose a healer early in a big fight, you loose time. In my first attempt we wiped twice and ran out of time with two AAs left alive. Not good at all.

Yes I used Sleepga in the second fight too, but the kiters kept the mobs off me. I died when we wiped, we all got up and finished the fight with time to spare.

As a career mage I was rather disappointed with the choices in earrings.

*Happened again this week at Promy Vas. I begin to believe that if the RDM dies first in a boss fight it will be a loss.

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 2:28 am
by Keavy
Tsybil wrote:As a career mage I was rather disappointed with the choices in earrings.
I agree with you on that.

But, I'm not in it for the earrings. I'm in it to finish RoZ and get my Achievement.

What? Don't look at me like that. I've been playing FFXI on 360 for a year now and my only unlocked achievement is 75 White Mage.

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:41 am
by Shirai
A successful DM relies on several things:

-Good sleepers for the pets.
(Pets on the loose are trouble!)
-Healers that know how to keep their hate under the tank's.
(Usually right underneath the hate of the main tank(s) )
-Kiters that know how to keep hate!
(Seriously very important! Provoke alone by itself is not enough to maintain enmity.)
-Support for the kiters.

The most reliable setup for a divine might in my opinion and experience is:
3 Kiters:
Either nin/war or pld/nin.
2 Support:
Red mages preferable to Gravity and Bind the kited Ark Angels.
1 Sleeper for the pets
1 Tank and one healer.
the rest can be filled with DDs and BLMs.

Divine might isn't easy so the following things thing people will want to bring!
Sleep potions to sleep 300%TP with opo necklace outside of the BCNM.
Poison pots inside because AA Mithra's AoE weapon skill sleeps.
An iccarus wing would be a nice thing to have.
All 2 hours.

The order we usually kill the AA's in:
TT: This one dies first and fast! Ancient magic, -Ga spells and petrifying moves is no fun.

MR or GK: Pet jobs next.
I personally suggest MR as her first 2 hour charms the tank and the BLMs need MP to nuke her down when she perfect dodges.
GK has a lot of HP so 2 hours will probably be needed for him.

Pets: Take these down after you kill GK and MR.
They won't be resummoned, relieves the sleeper from getting resisted ultimately and gives you an extra healer to help out on the next target:

HM: Usually the aliance wiper with his Mijin Gakure.
BLMs take the time to recover MP for:

EV: High defense, nasty AoE light based moves.
Have melee work her down until she reaches somewhere around 25% or invincibles, then have the blms take her down before she has a chance to benediction.

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 3:08 pm
by Fiye
Keavy, if you just want the achievement, you could do DM the normal way. By beating each AA one by one.

The "Shards of <x>" are the Mission Items ya need to beat ZM14. So you can get the ZM15 Cutscene, and fight the ZM16 Final Boss.

Tha said, I went 1/1 on DM as a 68 White Mage/32 Black Mage. I'm thinking I got EXTREMELY lucky in that fact.

Though, we killed TT -> Mithra -> Galka -> Hume -> Elvaan (Elvaan is a pain to kill. High Defense, annoying moves, and Benediction/Invincible. She alone lasted 10 minutes and forced our alliance to wipe and reheal. Before we nuked her.)

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:23 pm
by Pheonixhawk
Thx for the tips all. Were going to do the run next week from what ive heard. And no Keavy, I don't just care about the earrings. I want to beat the storyline, but id rather do DM vice the normal way for a bonus reward is all. I mean heck why not? Sounds like lots fo fun fighting the 5 crystal warriors. :D

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:38 pm
by Keavy
Fiye wrote:Keavy, if you just want the achievement, you could do DM the normal way. By beating each AA one by one.
I shouted for an Ark Angels party right after I got Sky access and my static disbanded and got "Do Divine Might instead, n00b" shouts and /tells in response.


All I care about is getting the damn missions done. CoP I care more about because I want that ring. ToAU...meh. Until I see more from WotG or find a group for the Tigress fight I won't worry that much about it.

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 6:22 am
by Fiye
Ah, bastages. Well then Keavy, the only other things I can recommend is level BLM or MNK to 75 for the damn fights.

And ToAU is really worth it. The Assault rings work in Salvage, Nyzul Isle, and the last two missions.

Though, I think it works for all ToAU BCNMs.

Anyways, CoP 5-3 Tigress fight.. you'll have to shout for peeps for that. Or just shout so you can get interest, get a group of names, and figure out when they can all be on at once. It worked for me when I was doing Tenzen's Path on 5-3.

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:57 pm
by Finwich
Keavy, my HNMLS is going to be doing a run in the future, I think we just did one last night. I went to bed but we havea few more items, and will probably do another in the future.

DM with pick up groups generally sucks ass. I beat it with a friend's LS the time I won, and my B/f won with a pick up group the second time he needed the earring, but they wiped a bunch and went through a few items.

Eh, the earrings for mages are meh. You can buy int +2 earrings, so it's not worth it. Suppa is sessy for NIN and THF and Knightly, well... tank4life I suppose.

The ToA rings are very nice, I have the melee one, and it's better than a Sniper's Ring I think. I only wish sometimes that I took the mage one, since my ls is now doing Salvage alot and I am always a mage for salvage.

CoP rings are <3. I dropped my Tamas for Rajah's though. It's one of the best rings in the game for melee. That and I have no more mage jobs to level, so I dont' really need an uber level 30 mage ring. Unless I decide to level sch... which i doubt. I am fine with the other rings I have for RDM. I never used Tamas with SMN or WHM really. I don't miss it.