I will never wash my eyes or ears ever again.

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I will never wash my eyes or ears ever again.

Post by Keavy » Sun Aug 05, 2007 10:02 pm

So yeah, went to see Rush last night and OH MY GOD!!! So freaking cool!

Ok, first off they had three rotisseries on stage full of chickens and this guy dressed as a Chef would come on stage and baste them every now and again. Oh, and they played all but one song off their new album and a ton of older stuff. No joke, three and a half hours of Rush!

They had CGI dragons, pyrotechnics, skits, even the South Park kids playing Tom Sawyer as "Lil Rush" which was funny as hell.

My mom said she's ready to kill my dad because all he's talked about since he got home this morining is the concert.
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