Grindhouse is awesome!

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Grindhouse is awesome!

Post by Keavy » Sun Apr 15, 2007 7:42 am

I saw it this afternoon with my dad because no one else would go with me and I don't like to go to the movies alone because I like to talk about the movie when its over and people look at you weird when you talk to yourself. Anyways, great film, and it honestly didn't feel like 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Well, I guess I could discuss it and try to not spoil it. Here I go.

Okay, first off, the film has the feel of the old movie theater experience. The "scratched and worn" film quality, no "Dolby Surround Sound with THX digital enhancements", and the deleted scenes are replaced by "Film Reel Missing" messages with apologies from the theater management. The "Grindhouse" trailers are just awesome and definitely add to the feel of the old double features of yore. Me and my dad both sincerely hope that the films shown in the trailers make it in full form to the theaters or DVD; especially "Machete" (Edward James Olmos plays a Mexican day worker who is double-crossed by a U.S. Senator and takes revenge with Cheech Marin who plays a shotgun-wielding Priest), "Werewolf Women of the SS" (Pretty self explanatory, but the trailer said "Directed by Rob Zombie" which got me all hot 'n bothered), and "Thanksgiving" (A slasher flick with a killer dressed as a pilgrim).

As for the movies, first movie shown was "Planet Terror" and it was all-right. It's your typical "small town taken over by zombies" flick with Rose McGowan as a Go-Go dancer who loses her leg and gets it replaced by a rocket-launching machine gun. Lotsa gore and action, not a lot of story, and a terribly short sex scene, thanks to those bastards at the MPAA. At least it'll be on the DVD. "Planet Terror" was good, but I would've been upset if I had paid full price just to see it mainly because it really doesn't take itself seriously. It was more "Shaun of the Dead" than "Night of the Living Dead."

Next was "Death Proof" with Kurt Russel as a serial killer named "Stuntman Mike", who kills his victims with his car who messes with a group of stuntwomen on vacation who fight back. Amazing stunt work by Zoe Bell (who plays herself) and for those who have never heard Sugami's joke from this topic it makes an appearance in this film. The stunt work is awesome, the driving sequences are incredible, and overall the film has plenty of "Quentin Tarantino" dialogue. I would gladly pay full price to see this again.

Overall, "Grindhouse" is a great movie and is definitely worth seeing if you miss the days of double features. If you live in one of those countries that will get the films separate definitely see "Death Proof" but wait for "Planet Terror" to come out on DVD.
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