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Windurst Quests

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Artist's Rhapsody
from: Angelica (Inn F10)
reqs: --
gets: Angelica's Signature, Ancient Blood
soln: Talk to Angelica and bring the equipment she asks for within time limit.
Equipment depends on job:
Warrior / Paladin - Bronze Harness
Monk - Robe
Thief - Leather Vest
Mages - Tunic
Can be retried if you run out of time, by zoning.

Hat In Hand
from: Baren-Moren (Hat shop, south H7)
reqs: --
gets: 200g or more, varies / Windbreaker Hat (repeatable until you get hat)
soln: Talk to these people in Windurst Waters without leaving Waters area, then talk again to Baren-Moren.
1. Honoi-Gomoi - Master of the two-storey house in sourth-west area
2. Clais - hume child stood on the bridge to the east of the restaurant
3. Kyume-Romeh - in the restaurant
4. Tosuka-Porika - in the Optistery library
5. Perchiru-Mashiru - in the Aurastery
6. Machitata - Taru taru in front of the residential area entrance
7. Kenapa-Keppa in Rhinostery
8. Bondada in Hat Shop (talk to her first, then again last)
Note about Bondada: She won't accept you showing her the hat until you've talk to some other random townsfolk, so as you run around town between getting the quest and coming back to hat shop to talk to bondada, show the hat to 10 or so random other people to ensure you've shown it to enough people overall so she will respond to the hat, when she says "Bondada : Alright then...I'll buy just one more." you've accomplished the quest finish, just be sure to show it to 10+ random other people not on the list, doesn't matter who

A Feather In One's Cap
from: Baren-Moren (Hat shop, south H7)
reqs: Complete "Hat In Hand" quest
gets: 1500g
soln: Get three large bird's feathers from Taber Beak or Axe Beak in Meriphataud Mountains and Sauromugue Champaign. Thieves can also steal this item.

The Rarab's Tail
from: Chamama (Rarab's Tail restaurant, north F10)
reqs: --
gets: 1st = bone hairpin, 2nd and after = 200g (repeatable)
soln: Trade a Smooth Stone dropped by Crawlers in Sarutabaruta.

Making the Grade
from: Fuepepe (Aurastery, north L6)
reqs: Complete "Teacher's Pet" quest
gets: scroll of Aspir
soln: Go deep into Inner Horutoto Ruins (behind the Magic Door that needs red, white and black mage to open). Kill the Wendigo to get the Test Answers. Take to Fuepepe, then he asks you to trade it to Koru-Moru in Windurst Walls. Receive the worn out answer sheet and give to Chomoro-Kyotoro. Then talk to Fuepepe to finish the quest.

Acting in Good Faith
from: Gantineux (Inn, north F10)
reqs: high fame
gets: Teleport Mea magic
soln: Check ??? in Eldieme Necropolis at D5, I7, I10 or M6 (randomly).
Return to Gantineux then talk to Eperdur in North San d'Oria (M7).

Glyph Hanger
from: Hariga-Origa (Optistery, north F8)
reqs: --
gets: Horutoto Ruins map
soln: Talk to Ipupu (West Sarutabaruta J8) , then talk to Hariga-Origa.

A Smudge On One's Record
from: Hariga-Origa (Optistery, north F8)
reqs: high fame, completed some optistery quests
gets: 3000g / Fei'Yin map
soln: Trade a vial of slime oil and a frost turnip to complete. Kill slime-type monsters to get the oil, the turnip can be bought in auction house, was unable to find it in culinarian's guild.

Wondering Minstrel
from: Jatan-Paratan (restaurant, north F10)
reqs: high fame
gets: Fairy Piccolo
soln: Talk to Ruslan in Lower Jeuno (I8) and bring a piece of rosewood lumber to Jatan-Paratan. A piece of rosewood lumber can be bought from Carpenters' Guild in San d'Oria.

Food For Thought
from: Kerutoto (Rhinostery, south J8)
reqs: talk to Ohbiru-Dohbiru (J9) (cannot get if "Say It With Flowers" quest is current)
gets: 440g / 440g / 120g (total 1000g)
soln: Give a slice of grilled hare to Kerutoto (440g).
Give Hard Boiled Egg to Kenapa-Keppa (120g).
Give Windurst Tea, Tortilla, Pamtam Kelp to Ohbiru-Dohbiru [440g]
A slice of grilled hare can be made or bought from AH, also sold in culinary guild shop for 330ish gil.
Windurst Tea and Tortilla can be bought from restaurant in Windurst Waters.
Tortilla and Hard Boiled Egg sold in culinary guild shop.
Pamtam Kelp can be caught when fishing or bought from AH.

Overnight Delivery
from: Kenapa-Keppa (Rhinostery, south J9)
reqs: Finish "Food For Thought" quest
gets: Power gi
soln: Pick up luggage from Kotan-Purutan in Mhaura (J9) at night time (after 18:00 game time). Return to Kenapa-Keppa before daybreak (06:00 gametime).

Magic Water
from: Ohbiru-Dohbiru (Rhinostery, south J8)
reqs: Clear "Overnight Delivery" quest
gets: 600g
soln: Go to Giddeus Spring (E12 or K12 in Giddeus) and trade the flask you get from Ohbiru-Dohbiru. You will receive Giddeus Water, take it back to Ohbiru-Dohbiru.

Cursed Ribbon (unconfirmed)
from: Kerutoto (Rhinostery, south J8)
reqs: Clear "Magic Water" quest
gets: 3600g + Blue Ribbon
soln: Receive a Purple Ribbon from Roberta in the sundry shop (Windurst Woods) and trade to Kerutoto to start quest. Wait a while then talk to Kerutoto again. Enter Eldieme from the south of Batallia. Drop down to the lower floor at G8. Trade the purple ribbon to the Human Bones at M10 and Lich C Magnus appears. Kill Lich and inspect the Human Bones again to receive Blue Ribbon. Report back to Kerutoto.

The Royal Pan (unconfirmed)
from: Maysoon (Culinarians' Guild)
reqs: Started "Housewife's Trouble" quest in Jeuno.
gets: Special pan
soln: Buy a Rolanberry from Jeuno etc. Put it in the first basket in Crawlers Nest. Worker Crawler will appear. Kill it to get Rolanberry 881. Place it in the basket near the donuts area at G7 or H7 and Drone Crawler will appear. Kill that and get Rolanberry 874. Put this in the basket in F7 on the first part of the map. Kill the Matron Crawler that appears to get Rolanberry 864. Go back to H7 in the donuts area and trade to the basket there. Kill Awd Goggie to get Royal Jelly. Return it to Maysoon. There is also a low chance of the Death Jackets in the entrance to Crawlers Nest dropping Royal Jelly.

Say It With Flowers
from: Moari-Kaaori (house, south C9)
reqs: --
gets: 1st = Iron Sword, or 100g for wrong flower. 2nd and after = 400g
soln: Talk to Ohbiru-Dobiru and choose the flower requested as your answer. Go to Tahrongi (F6) and examine the Tahrongi Cacti. Take the Tahrongi Cactus to Moari-Kaaori to complete.

Teacher's Pet
from: Moreno-Toeno (Aurastery, north L6)
reqs: --
gets: 250g
soln: Trade a Mandragora Sprout and Bird's Feather to Moreno-Toeno. Repeatable.

Making Headlines
from: Naiko-Paneiko (Magic Newspaper, south C11)
reqs: --
gets: 560g
soln: Talk to Kyume-Romeh (Windurst Waters, F10) in the restaurant, Umumu (Windurst Woods, I5) taru taru a little north of the Dhalmel farm, Hiwon-Biwon (Windurst Walls, K8) taru taru standing next to Shantotto's Mansion, Yujuju (Port Windurst, M6) taru taru standing near the Air Trvel Agency. You'll find that "A Mithra thief is hiding in Horutoto Ruins". Enter the ruins from J8 in East Sarutabaruta and descend the stairs. There is a hidden room at G8, check "Cracked Wall", then check "Mahogany Door" and return to Naiko-Paneiko to confirm. If you go down a tunnel with beetles, or end up seeing goblin ambushers and leechers you went the wrong way. This is in the level 5-10 area of this dungeon, not the deeper harder area.

from: Naiko-Paneiko (Magic Newspaper, south C11)
reqs: Clear "Making Headlines" quest
gets: 1500g
soln: Fish up Ocean Crab on the boat between Mhaura and Selbina. Kill it and bring back the Bronze Box.

No Recollection (unconfirmed)
from: Paku-Nakku (Aurastery)
reqs: Clear "Teacher's Pet" quest
gets: Hypno Staff
soln: Trade a remedy to Maabu-Sonbu (Orastery, Port Windurst). Can be bought in Jeuno or at AH. Then talk to Pechiru-Mashiru in the Optistery and choose the answer "The Criminal is a Magic Doll!" After that talk to him again to receive the Hypno Staff.

A Crisis in the Making --
from: Ranpi-Monpi (Culinarians' Guild)
reqs: --
gets: 400g
soln: Drop down to the lower floor of Giddeus at F8, open the door at F7 and go into the Storage Room. Get the dangerous gift from the Altar of Offerings and return it to Ranpi-Monpi.

Coin in the Night Sky (unconfirmed)
from: Ropunono (Optistery, north F7 2nd floor)
reqs: Clear "The Song of Love" quest
gets: 4800g
soln: Trade Ahriman Lens to Ropunono (dropped by Bat Eye and Ahriman monsters in Ranguemont pass). Then go to Shakrami and get a worn out key from Wights. Go through Iron Door at K9. Get the correctly inscribed constellation coin and trade to Ropunono.

Early Bird Catches the Bookworm --
from: Tosuka-Porika (Optistery library, north G8)
reqs: --
gets: 1500g
soln: Go to the 2F of the inn and talk to Orn (F9). Go to the storage room in Giddeus (G6 lower floor) and kill Yagudo Pipers for a Silver Beastcoin. Trade it to Quu Bokye and get a book. Take back to Furakku-Norakku.

Chasing Tales--
from: Tosuka-Porika (Optistery, north G8)
reqs: Clear "Early Bird Catches the Bookworm" quest
gets: 2800g
soln: Talk to Hae Jakkya near AH Windurst Woods. Go to South San d'Oria's West Gate (G9) and talk to Hea Jekhya. Return the book to Furakku-Norakku.

A Door Called Water (unconfirmed)
from: Ohbiru-Dohbiru (Rhinostery)
reqs: Clear all Rhinostery quests
gets: 4500g
soln: When you start the quest you'll get a license paper. Go to Toraimarai Canal and kill Starmites (G9) to get Star-Eating Bug Shells. Trade 3 of them to complete the quest.

Reap What You Sow
from: Mashuu-Ajuu (top of aurastery)
reqs: --
gets: 500 gil, stationary set
soln: Grow some sobbing fungus in your mog house and give one to him.

from: Lumomo (timbre tavern)
reqs: --
gets: ??
soln: She wants you to exterminate an ecological threat involving Maze of Shakrami. She says there is someone there waiting to talk to you. The name of the mithra waiting to talk to you is Ahko Mhalijikhari, and she is an agent of V.E.@#%$.M.I.N., she resides in the maze right near the entrance.

some parts copied/pasted here from
subsequent modifications made for/by this board


Star Struck --
from: Koru-Moru (Koru-Moru's Manor)
reqs: Held torn epistle before.
gets: Compound Eye Circlet
soln: Kill Crawlers on Starfall Hillock to get Meteorite. Trade to Koru-Moru.

Blast From the Past --
from: Koru-Moru (Koru-Moru's Manor)
reqs: Clear "Star Struck" quest
gets: Great Club (1H staff)
soln: Go to Shakrami, first map F-8. Examine Fossil Rock and Ichorous Ire will appear.
Kill it to get Burnite Shell and trade to Koru-Moru.

Flower Child --
from: Ojha Rhawash (Mog House)
reqs: --
gets: Expands Mog House exit
soln: Trade a Lilac. This can be bought from M&P Mart in Upper Jeuno.

The Postman Always K.O.'s Twice --
from: Ambrosius (Auction House)
reqs: --
gets: 1 -> 50g, 2 -> 150g, 3 -> 250g, 4 -> 500g
soln: Collect the following drops from rabbits in the local region and trade up to 4.
Muddy Bar Tab from Savanna Rarab in East Sarutabaruta.
Torn Epistle from Savanna Rarab in West Sarutabaruta.
Odd Postcard from Canyon Rarab in Tahrongi.
Damp Envelope from Canyon Rarab in Tahrongi.

Advice for a Beautiful Voice --
from: Raamimi (in the Square)
reqs: Clear "The Postman Always K.O.'s Twice" quest, talk to Zayhi-Bauhi
gets: Aqua Musculum
soln: Talk to Raamimi to receive honey, trade 5 honey pots to Zayhi-Bauhi to complete quest. Then talk to Raamimi to receive 5 Aqua Musculum.

Curses, Foiled Again! --
from: Shantotto (Shantotto's Manor)
reqs: --
gets: Brass Rod
soln: Trade 1x Bomb Ash and 2x Bone Chips. You can get from Skeletons and Bombs in Inner Horutoto Ruins - enter from the east tower in East Sarutabaruta.

Curses, Foiled...Again!?
from: Shantotto (shantotto's manor)
reqs: completed "Curses, Foiled Again!" quest
gets: Misery Staff
soln: You have to undo the accidental death curse. You need 2x bomb arms, a revival tree root, and a lock of hair from the cursed victim. Talk to Hiwon-Biwon twice (next to her manor) to get a lock of hair from him. Return all of the items for reward.

Curses, Foiled A-Golem!?
from: Shantotto (Shantotto's Manor)
reqs: Finish "Curses, Foiled...Again!?" quest
gets: Dezone II
soln: Go to Beaucedine Glacier (I-7) and talk to Torino-Samarino. Take New Magic back to Shantotto. Then go to Fei'Yin, (basement F-6) and check the door. Watch the event then report back to Shantotto.

Mandragora-Mad --
from: Yoran-Oran (Yoran-Oran's Manor)
reqs: --
gets: 4-leaf sprout -> 120g, Cornette -> 200g, Yuhtunga Sulphur -> 250g, Conceited letter -> 5000g
soln: Kill Sarutabaruta Mandragora's or Tahrongi Pygmaioi's to get 4-leaf sprout, Cornette or Yuhtunga Suplhur. Kill Mourioche in Boyahda for Conceited letter. Trade.

Alchemy Experiment --
from: Koru-Moru (E7)
reqs: Complete "Blast From the Past" quest
gets: 9000g
soln: Talk to Koru-Moru, Shantotto (K7) and Yoran-Oran (E5). Then talk to Fuepepe in Waters (north, L6). North of the Aurastery is a boarding house. Check the 6 doors there to unlock a quiz.
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