Sanyumi Puurrs for the Pride

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Sanyumi Puurrs for the Pride

Post by IwasSanyumi » Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:55 am

There are some things we would like to know before we let you in:

Were you at any time a mithrapride member? Yes.

If so, what was your username? Sanyumi meow. I was part of migardsormr(sp?) When Golddess and Firemyst were the leaders.

If you are new, do you know anyone that is a member? I remember: Golddess, Firemyst, Tsybil, Wilhemina(sp?) and a few others.

Will you be playing as a Kitty? (Does not disqualify you for membership. So feel free to post your app.) Meow!

Try to tell us about yourself.

Well as I mentioned the name I went by in FFXI was Sanyumi. I hail from the western lands of US.
At some point years ago, I planned to come back to FFXI and everything went to heck (internet wise) for me, and Now that I have a satisfactory PC and see mithrapride is opening chapter in FFXIV I wish to reconnect.

My main draw to FFXIV was the ability to play a crafter Merchant, So I will be spending most of my days at first doing just that. I also have an idea for a Lancer/Elementalist or a Pistoleer/Elementalist That I will be putting to use once my Shops and Crafting get going good.

Lets see what else lol

I am 34, Female, Fun to be around(mostly...Meorawr!) lol And I rather enjoy good conversation, and working with others.(thats not to say I don't enjoy being solo, but when it matters I always try to put the group first.

Anyways, Looking forward to chatting and playing with the kittens again.


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Re: Sanyumi Puurrs for the Pride

Post by Raika Akaizer » Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:13 am

You're in.
RIP Titan MP.

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