Alice 2: Return To Madness

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Alice 2: Return To Madness

Post by Karou Ariyen » Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:15 pm

Every so often I read about a game so bad, that even though the reviewers hate it, it somehow stands out, or in this case up on it's own. How many people remember playing Alice back in the day? American McGee's Alice that is. One... two....three.... Okay so Everyone. You may be disappointed in this game. Maybe not. I'm not you. I was going into this game being very skeptical. But I was surprised. Long story short; Alice is in therapy at the start of the game before returning to Wonderland which is under new management. You will revisit old friends, enemies, places; etc. Visually this game is weak. The graphics are clunky, not very enticing and they try to use them to do the FEAR style scare tactics which don't work. It's like they took Tim Burton style graphics from The Nightmare Before Christmas and toned it down to a lower quality resolution on the texture files just to make it fit onto a single disc. Music wise, the background audio is brilliant. It's eerie and chilling. Even the engine for combat is clunky. So clunky that when you get multiple enemies at you, it can be very, very harrowing. Upgrading weapons is a nice save, although I don't think it makes much of a difference. But there is something here that makes this twisted interpretation of a pedophile's story (The original author of the book for those who don't know the truth) that makes this game stand out. It's a 3D Platformer.

3D Platformer?! OH NOES THAT GAME IS DOOMED TO BE HORRIBLE! Wrong. Yes I know that 3D Platformers tend to fail because of the wonky camera systems, but not here. The camera system works very well. Because of that it makes the game easier to handle despite it's flaws. I want to say overall that the storyline is weak, but to me it's not. Although a Demon Train for a boss....well there's so many inside jokes there that I'll spare you from it. In an overall setting on the game, I feel it can stand on it's own and while it will never gain the attention it deserves, unlike Duke Nukem Forever, it doesn't fall short on expectations. I enjoyed it. I know you will too. And hows this for a rating: 4 out of 5 Karou's. It's hard for me, with all it's flaws to hate this game because I did enjoy it so much. It's a game I'll go back and play over and over and over. Now this brings me to my final question:

Who the smeg names their child "AMERICAN?!" :?:
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